Get Undressed, From The Waist Down

Is anyone else so tired of hearing this? Get undressed please, from the waist down. It’s just something about a paper clothing covering up the down-there area and the fact that in a few seconds, you’re going to be spread eagle. Love it right? Oh yep, it’s my favorite thing about pregnancy. NOT! 

Today I had my weekly visit to the doctors. After an improtu visit on Monday, I had to have my cervix checked, yet again. Within 5 minutes of the doctor talking to me, I was already undressing. It is always nice to when 2 nurses decide to join you too – one helping the doctor and preparing my weekly progesterone shot, one talking to me about my prescription all while I am standing up with a piece of paper trying to cover something while my face is down over the chair and my butt, literally in the air. Awesome right? At this point, what does it even matter anymore? Sure – let’s just bring everyone in.

Anyway, I am happy to report there are no changes in my cervix. Yay! But, I did receive another terb shot — yep, 2 shots in the bum again. Double yay! And, I will countinue taking Procardia every 6-8 hours depending on thsoe lovely contractions. As for now, I am going to hold on to the very last words from my doctor: We won’t let you have a preemie this time. Let’s cheers to that!

Next week, I will head back again to receive my weekly shot and get a cervix check. It seems like this is going to be longggg half of my pregnancy. Especially condering I am already getting weekly checks at 21 weeks. The doctors office has officially become my home away from home. But, I don’t care. I just want this little man to stop fighting it, stay cookin’ and relax. On my last sono, he was literally running – it looked like he was on a treadmill kicking the tech as she tried to get measurements. Seems we are going to have one fiesty fellow on our hands! Until next week, let’s hope for a little peace + quiet. Wishful thinking right? 

How did you get through a stressful pregnancy?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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