6 Products To Trick Your Newborn Into Sleeping

Ways I plan on trying to trick my baby into sleeping...

I am a first timer with this whole baby thing.  Since I’ve never had a baby before, I’m relying a lot on the advice of others.

One thing that I have heard time and again is that sleep depravation is one of the biggest challenges of parenting a newborn.  Crazy hormones + being more tired than you’ve ever been in your entire life, sounds like a sure-fire recipe for disaster to me, but apparently people get through it relatively unscathed (or at least they kind of forget).

But, just because a lack-of-sleep may seem inevitable, doesn’t mean I haven’t tried my hardest to find out any and all tips and tricks I can get my hands on to prepare to myself for coaxing my impending offspring into restful submission.

Here are some products that have gotten two thumbs up and resounding recommendations from friends, family and strangers alike, and that I plan on implementing into my baby’s bedtime routine.  Anything that might trick her into sleeping sounds great in my book!

Check out my list after the jump!

  • Swaddling Blankets 1 of 6
    Swaddling Blankets
    Swaddling is one of the magical keys to getting babies to sleep and everyone seems to love these aden + anais swaddlers exceptionally well. I got some of the bamboo ones and they're even softer than the originals, which in my book means they'll be even more cozy and sleep inducing (or at least that's what I'm hoping for!). Click here for purchasing informtion
  • Cozy Sleeper Gown 2 of 6
    Cozy Sleeper Gown
    Babies need to be warm and comfortable for get a good night's sleep (ok...probably only a few hours, but still...) and parent's I've talked to rave about these sleeper gowns, so sign me up! Click here for purchasing informtion
  • Co-Sleeper Bassinett 3 of 6
    Co-Sleeper Bassinett
    Co-Sleeping seems to be easiest and the least disruptive way to sleep when you've got a newborn since you don't have to leave your room for middle-of-the-night feedings and in order to co-sleep you need a co-sleeper. This is one that my friend Danni swears by. She tried multiple co-sleepers when her little girl was an infant to no avail until she found this one. Her little one had both colic AND acid reflux, so if she could get her to sleep in this, then that in itself it a testament to its awesomeness. Click here for purchasing informtion
  • White Noise Machine 4 of 6
    White Noise Machine
    A white noise machine will drown out the noises of TV, snoring, etc., so baby can get some shut-eye. Click here for purchasing informtion
  • Mobile 5 of 6
    A pretty mobile can help lull babies into dreamland and this one is particularly lovely and cool beyond the baby years and I'm hosting a giveaway for it on Babble: Click here to enter the giveaway! Click here for purchasing informtion
  • Red Light Bulb 6 of 6
    Red Light Bulb
    One of my mommy friends swears by red light bulbs for minimizing sleep disruption. When you're up in the middle of the night to feed, you don't want to completely wake up baby or yourself and the red light bulb is less abrasive and will make it easier to fall back asleep post feeding. Click here for purchasing informtion

What tricks do you use/plan to use to “trick” your newborn into sleeping?

Suggestions are most definitely welcome!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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