Getting Your Baby Into The Birthing Position

"The Inversion" technique.

At my midwife appointment this week, I was told that my little one is currently in the breech position (i.e. feet down instead of head down).  At 29 weeks this isn’t a huge problem…yet.  Babies usually turn and get into the proper birthing position by week 36, but if they don’t a c-section is often the end result.

While it is possible for breech babies to be delivered vaginally, most doctors don’t actually know how to deliver breech babies anymore and most hospitals won’t allow it and c-section is inevitable.

A c-section is much scarier to me than a vaginal birth and something I would very much like to avoid, so I asked my midwife if there were any exercises I could do to help move along this whole baby flipping business.

She referred me to  Spinning Babies.

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At Spinning Babies you can read about techniques to help you turn your baby, personal stories from people who’ve used these methods, sign up for classes and much more.

I’ve already been sitting in un-lady-like positions on a birthing ball to get things going, and I’ll probably start finding excuses to crawl on all fours with my preschoolers (maybe I can make up a game about pretending to be bears or something…) because apparently that helps move things along too.

The site is very informative and is definitely worth checking out if your baby isn’t settling into the proper position just yet.

Did any of you have breech babies?

Were you able to get your baby to turn?

Did you try any of these techniques to do it?


Main photo: {via Spinning Babies}

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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