Getting Dad Involved During Pregnancy

Getting my husband involved via maternity pictures

As we all know… men cannot gestate to give birth so it can be kind of hard for them to really feel included in pregnancy and parenting before the baby actually leaves the womb and enters the world.

Lots of men often feel excited, but the excitement wears off as there really is nothing for them to do but wait till the baby is born. But in reality there are tons of ways you can get your partner involved before the baby makes their grand entrance into the world.

I wanted to share some of the ways I got my husband involved with all three of our pregnancies.

My favorite way still remains sharing doctors appointments, and ultrasounds with my husband. With our middle son, he did not miss one appointment, and our other two children he made it to as many as he could go to because of his work schedule. But he never missed any big ultrasound appointments, especially the anatomy scan we had around 20 weeks.  You know, the gender ultrasound.

His reaction to learning we were having a girl was priceless… “Are you sure??”  The ultrasound tech, who had been in the field for over 20 years told him she was positive. The look on his face was priceless, although I think I slightly stole the show by crying.

Another way I always kept him involved was with decorating the nursery, registering for baby gear, and all that fun kind of stuff that men typically hate. Some of the trips we made to Babies R Us… I swear he wanted to just run screaming, but in the end it really helped him to get excited about our new baby.  Although I think he still slightly hates Ikea for the dresser he had to build for Addison earlier this year.

Then there was simple belly rubs and talking to the belly/baby at bed time. No matter how big I got with all the kids, he loved my pregnant belly, much more than I ever did!  He made both of us, me, and the baby feel loved and very wanted.  No matter how unplanned the pregnancy was… cough… Addie…cough!

What did you do to get your husband involved in your pregnancy?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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