Gina Carano vs. Cindy Dandois in MMA Match. One Problem: Dandois is Pregnant

Cindy Dandois
If you were Gina Carano, would you knowingly and willingly fight a pregnant Cindy Dandois?

Earlier this winter I went skiing. As I live in a ski town, this should not be unusual. That I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy complicated the outing, however, particularly when I wiped out and landed on my stomach. That was also the last day of my ski season.

I know plenty of women who exercise right up until the day they give birth (include women in my town who ski until the bitter end), but how much and how hard they exercise varies greatly. I’ll still go for walks throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but my downhill days are over until after I give birth. That also means I won’t be competing in any mixed martial arts fights. Of course I wouldn’t do that even while I’m not pregnant. But I don’t really understand how professional fighter Cindy Dandois competed even though she was pregnant.

Gina Carano and Cindy Dandois were poised to face off in a bout in June, but Dandois is 3-and-a-half months along.

She last fought in March when she was two months pregnant (and she won in a second round TKO). And it is actually not legal for women fighters in the MMA to compete in the United States while they’re with child, which is why they must submit to pregnancy tests before stepping into the ring. Dandois, however, fought in Europe, where she just had to sign a piece of paper saying she wasn’t pregnant.

Sure, maybe she didn’t know she was pregnant last month. But if I know now, surely she does, too. And even if it were legal and her OB gives her the greenlight, how in good consciousness could she take a literal beating while she’s living and breathing for two people?

I ran into an acquaintance the other day who’s due four days before me, and she was talking about participating in a marathon in early July (not the whole thing, but part of it). Is running long distances at 8 months pregnant any better or worse than competitive fighting at 8 weeks pregnant?

Fortunately it appears as if Dandois will not be competing against Carano after all now that the news has broken. And if it makes it any better, I won’t be stepping in to replace her.

How much it too much exercise for pregnant women?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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