Give Back: 12 of the Most Darling Gender Reveal Gifts

One of the most looked forward to parts of a pregnancy is finding out what you’re having. For those who choose to wait, no gift out there beats seeing your baby for the first time. But for anyone too impatient ::coughmecough:: to do so, there are so many special ways to share with your spouse, partner, friends and family what you’ll be expecting in a few months.

These custom items below are all such elegant little pieces to give or get. From grandparents to the big brother or sister to be – there is something to include everyone in the special moments over the 9 months of waiting.

DIY or send them out straight through the mail, each gender reveal is sure to make the day of anyone who gets it, along with the memories forever. Anyone who receives one of these will feel included in a process revolving around the parents so much.

Click through for a few of the most gorgeous gender reveal gifts for everyone in your life.

  • Quail Egg Custom Gender Announcements 1 of 12
    Slip your personalized note inside a real quail egg that has been emptied and cleaned out. Give it to someone to crack to read the surprise!
    Buy one for $7 from Etsy
  • River Promise & Luca foldover boots 2 of 12
    Here's a fashionable way to tell announce, "It's a...!" Choose these knitted booties in any color and enclosed with a bow or button, perfect for when the little one arrives.
    Buy for $45 - $49 in any color and a custom etched sole from Coconut Robot
  • Fondant Cupcake Toppers 3 of 12
    I mustache if you think the baby is a boy or girl. I'm sorry. That's terrible. These cute little fondant toppers are great on cupcakes, especially for dessert post-dinner feasts!
    Buy 12 for $16 from Etsy
  • 10 Baby Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards / Baby Bee 4 of 12
    If you love playing the lottery, or just like scratching those things off, this is super cute for the occasion. Create your won scratch-offs to send to family or friends, or for play at a gender-revealing party!
    Buy 12 for $10 from Etsy
  • Little Okins Gender Reveal Eggs 5 of 12
    These personalized eggies are ready to be cracked! Insert your notes in these customized eggshells and surprise your guests with the baby's gender.
    Buy for $20 from Etsy
  • Gender Reveal Fortune Cookie Onesie 6 of 12
    What better way to announce the gender than with a fortune cookie? The designer will even take emails from your doctor to customize the ribbon's color so that you can still keep the gender a secret — until you see the onesie, of course!
    Buy for $12 from Etsy
  • Hand Stamped Gender Necklace 7 of 12
    This would make a beautiful gift to a new mom, family members or friends. The message is hand-stamped on sterling silver and customizable down to the chain.
    Buy for $33 from Etsy
  • Matryoshka: Russian Nesting Dolls 8 of 12
    For those of you who are really crafty, buy this set and handpaint each figure. The last one will represent the gender of your newborn!
    Buy for $20 from Etsy
  • DIY Confetti Poppers 9 of 12
    DIY you own little confetti poppers and let the color of these confetti papers reveal the gender! It's fun and simple to make — plus, it will be perfect party toys for any occasion.
    Get the tutorial from Alpha Mom
  • Hello My Name Is… 10 of 12
    These name tags are made of felt fabric and is hand-cut, stitched, and in your handwriting! It will be a great gift after you name your newborn, whether you know the gender or not.
    Buy 3 onesies with tags attached for $64 or $52 for the tag only from Coconut Robot
  • Framed 3D Hearts Wall Art 11 of 12
    Be.still.my.heart. I adore this unique piece, the art comes framed in a shadowbox with one heart the color of your choice. It's covered by a card that your family must remove in order to find out the gender!
    Buy for $69 from Etsy
  • The Mini Tag 12 of 12
    These hand-cut and custom designed wooden tags can be attached to anything or anywhere you want! Leave it as a stand-alone on your table or hang it on your bag.
    Buy for $18, and add $10 for additional, identical tags from Coconut Robot

How did you reveal your baby’s gender if you chose to do so? 

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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