Giving Birth & Raising Kids Isn't THAT Bad

No thanks on having kids
Child birth and raising kids isn't that bad!

The majority of my co-workers are 20-something single women, career-minded with no children.

That being said, I am baffled by how many believe they will never have children. Each time the subject is brought up, I try to dig a little deeper to figure out what is it that makes them say they don’t want kids.

Is saying “NO” to children while single and in their early 20’s just something they are in the mindset of now? Or why?

The common denominator response as I pry a little further into why they don’t want children has emerged…¬†

Child birth and pregnancy is considered GROSS.

Yes, that’s right. The perception of what happens to you while pregnant – weight gain, body re-shaping, growing a child – disgusts them. And the act of actually delivering the child? It down right frightens them!

This has me thinking, is this societies perception or just this group of  single 20-somethings?

To each their own. That being said, many women do wait until later in life to have children now. Maybe it’s a maturity thing?

I try to curve the idea of it not being so bad, as honestly it’s just natural as unnatural as it seems. If it wasn’t natural, uhm.. the world wouldn’t be populated.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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