Giving Husband Baby Fever: I Think It's Slowly Working!

A few weeks ago I shared with you the third phase in my “give husband baby fever” plan — images that I randomly send him at work or to his phone of our kids.  I have let you in on the power of the newborn socks and so far, he has held strong against the baby fever — not letting it get to him.

That was what I thought until last night. Being the romantics we are (heh) we had our Valentine’s Day date to do our weekly grocery shopping (without the kids, which really is a treat). While shopping and talking about nothing important I got the first glimpse that ‘operation infect husband with baby fever’ might actually be working.

Click through to see proof that it might actually be working:

Here is a picture I snapped of my husband last night as we wandered through the grocery store. Normally, clothes of the cute baby variety don’t catch his eye but I watched him wander over to these cute pair of girly shoes and swoon over them.

I think this might actually be working!

Over the past two weeks our 2 youngest (Princess Raru & Princess Bean) are celebrating birthdays — with Raru turning 5 and Bean, our baby turning 3. He is noticing how much older they are getting and hopefully he will keep noticing the cute little things that newborns bring.

[I know some of you have questioned why I have to ‘convince’ him, but really, this is all in good fun. Trust me, we talk and talk about it — and really there is no anger or pressure here.]

Operation Infect Husband With Baby Fever: 1 point!

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photo credit: Devan McGuinness

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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