Gliders: Worth the Splurge?

I was given a hand-me-down no-name glider when I was pregnant, which I absolutely used the heck out of. For the first year, that is. And then I wanted it out of my sight as fast as possible.

It wasn’t very comfortable (I could never fall asleep in it) and didn’t rock well without the ottoman, which was just too bulky for my son’s tiny nursery. And ugly? You have no idea. I’d post a picture except that I burned all evidence. (Or I’m just too lazy to look through my thousands of iPhotos.) But it did it’s job of rocking my nursing baby and for that I’m grateful.

However I recently had a chance to test gliders for a big Babble.com feature, and I met my chair-mate: the Monte Luca. Oh how I love my Luca. My son is now 2.5 and I read him books while gently rocking him every night in my Luca. Sometimes when I need a little alone time from the chaos of toddler antics + constant visitors + mounding chores, I retreat to my Luca for some alone time, rocking back and forth and back. The Luca is my happy place.

But I’ve heard many women say that gliders are on their “baby stuff I didn’t need” list. I would have been one of those women before I met my chair-of-choice, and now? Now I’d consider throwing it out the window if the house was on fire. (I’m kidding.) (Sort of.)

So if you’re in the market for a glider (even better if you can get someone to buy one through a baby registry; these suckers are pricey!), test out one of these before making your final decision:

  • Maclaren Heart Glider by David Netto, $1,100 1 of 5
    If you only know Maclaren for their strollers, you're missing out on some of the best nursery furniture on the market. I fell in love with the Maclaren Heart Glider (designed by the famed David Netto) as soon as I sat in it - although the price tag is hard to swallow. It's brand spankin' new on the market (sold at Giggle) and rocks back and forth as well as side to side. It's comfy, useful and oh-so-pretty.
  • Monte Luca, $995 2 of 5
    Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. LOVE.
  • Rock-A-Bye Square Glider, $379.99 3 of 5
    Super comfy enough to nod off in, yet affordable enough to justify. And if you choose the right color, you can keep it right in your living room for years.
  • Dutailier Adagio Nursery Glider Recliner, $1,690 4 of 5
    If you hate the look of gliders, this one looks like a regular leather chair until you flip a little lever which rocks and reclines the seat. The price is a bit outrageous, so keep your eye on Craigs List and sites like Recrib.com.
  • Babyletto Nara Glider, $699 5 of 5
    This is my mom and sister's favorite chair, which has firm support and enough room to cuddle up a night. Those on the shorter side will definitely need an ottoman for the extra-deep seat.

See all of these gliders (including where to buy them!) over at the big Babble.com list of Best Gliders for 2011.

More into rockers than gliders? Lauren rounded up her favorite rocking chairs.

P.S: For those in the NYC area, there’s a used Monte Luca gliderĀ and ottomanĀ selling for $450 on Recrib.com.

P.P.S: Search Craigs List, eBay, Recrib, Freecycle and other sites for used gliders before making a full-price purchase.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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