Good Music To Play During (and After) Labor

Let me just say, Enya is my girl. We go wayyy back to 9 years ago when I must have listened to her cd (A Day Without Rain) for over 24 hours during labor with my first. And well, it was the only thing that kept me sane. Not to mention, I was so calm from all the soft sounds, I didn’t even need an epidurial. Gotta love it right? Ever since I can remember, I grew up listening to music. My father, a drummer, surrounded us with music – all day, everyday. From lullabies with Van Morrison to getting our groove on with JJ Cale.

Well, thanks to my Dad, music is a big part of my girls’ lives. We listen to Van Morrison and Chris Issak when we are in the rough sleeping newborn stage. Or, for us – acid refulx has always been against us and as soon as we put on a good lullaby and a little swaddle, we are good to go. I swear, a little music does wonders. And no, it doesn’t need to be some special childrens lullaby cd; just add a few of your favorites to the iPod. I can promise that they will love them too. We still put on music when our 2 year old fights, and immediately she is out with the sound of music.

Well, the same thing goes for labor! Music does wonders. It takes your mind off how tired you are, how much pain you’re in and all of the above. So I thought I would help you out and give you a few suggestions on what music is worth listening to during labor. After all, I’ve been through labor 4 times.

Scroll through the slideshow and take notes!


  • Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 1 of 10
    Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
    Anything Jack Johnson!
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  • All Time Best 2 of 10
    All Time Best
    Such a classic, if you buy your songs on iTunes, buy all of Van Morrison. However, this album is an all-time must in our house.
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  • Chris Issak’s Best 3 of 10
    Chris Issak's Best
    Baja Sessions makes you feel like your sitting on an island. Just imagine a drink in your hand. Track to put on repeat? I Wonder.
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  • James Taylor 4 of 10
    James Taylor
    With lyrics like "You can close your eyes" and "Rockabye sweet baby james"'s just perfect.
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  • Best In Show 5 of 10
    Best In Show
    Chasing Cars is defintely the best track from Snow Patrol.
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  • Chris Martin Calms 6 of 10
    Chris Martin Calms
    Coldplay. One word says it all.
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  • Adele 7 of 10
    Every song is amazing. It's sure to take your mind off pushing!
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  • A Beautiful Voice 8 of 10
    A Beautiful Voice
    Priscilla Ahn has such a calming voice and "Dream" is one you will be singing for years to come. Even after delivery. It's the perfect lullaby.
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  • Pieces of You 9 of 10
    Pieces of You
    Because who doesn't love Jewel? Another great sing-a-long.
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  • At Last 10 of 10
    At Last
    Etta James gives you the perfect ending tune.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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