Goodbye First Tri: A Look Back in Pictures

Goodbye First Tri: A Look Back in Pictures What an amazing, hard, wonderful few months this has been. With second tri right around the corner (next week!), I wanted to look back on how this all started and what has happened since those two little lines showed up December 14th.

A lot of what I post is in another space – not my blog or this one. I find it almost to be mini-blogging – quick and easy to get that comment/like fix.

Where is that you ask? Confession: I’m an Instagram addict. If I could make money off posting pics I’d be a millionaire on there. So much of my pregnancy journey has been documented through that little space, and I thought it would be fun to share those moments and memories on here as well, from cravings to first ultrasounds. And of course the (almost) weekly pictures of me getting bigger.

Here’s a look back at a crazy first tri and hopefully a much smoother second one!

  • Knowing before you know 1 of 15
    Knowing before you know
    Charting meant that I knew I was pregnant before the test was positive. Yet I still had to wait. And wait. Till I saw...
  • It’s a baby! 2 of 15
    It's a baby!
    On December 14th I took one of ::mumbles a number:: tests to FINALLY see that line that confirmed I wasn't just feeling sick and exhausted for no reason.
  • On the blog! 3 of 15
    On the blog!
    Within days, I announced it on the blog, setting up a little photo shoot.
  • 7 weeks! 4 of 15
    7 weeks!
    Already a bump, but with only 7 months from a pregnancy with the twins I knew it would happen a lot faster.
  • First Midwife Visit! 5 of 15
    First Midwife Visit!
    Off to a birthing center I went, trying it out to see if it was a good fit. And while I loved it, I soon realized my comfort level and 2 past high risk pregnancies just wouldn't let me be there and feel completely ready and prepared.
  • Let’s talk about the baby! 6 of 15
    Let's talk about the baby!
    I showed Bella some of her (many) ultrasound pics in hopes of explaining what was going on. She had a lot done around 25 weeks when we got to test out a new machine for our doctor. Best moment? "Look Mama, I cracking out of the egg!"
  • 9 weeks! 7 of 15
    9 weeks!
    Sam had just left, Bella was a mess, sleep was elusive, and I was sick. So sick. 9 weeks was a rough time.
  • First Ultrasound! 8 of 15
    First Ultrasound!
    We went to see a midwife at our last hospital who got us in to see the baby. Watching that little heartbeat was pretty darn amazing.
  • 10 weeks! 9 of 15
    10 weeks!
    Popping along. Still napping each day, solo parenting, and taking my Zofran faithfully, 10 weeks was kicking my butt.
  • Cravings! 10 of 15
    I can honestly say one of my only, true cravings this entire pregnancy has been blueberry pancakes. I eat them when we go out, I make them at home, it's pretty crazy how much I love them right now.
  • Oh, the smells. 11 of 15
    Oh, the smells.
    The second week of Sam being gone Bella wound up sick. And with her nose raw and chapped, we used Boogie Wipes to help. Instead it made me sick, the smell almost overpowering everything. I had to put them in another room, hold my breath when they were used, and wash my hands immediately after. Anything they touched had to be wiped down.
  • The best moment. 12 of 15
    The best moment.
    Waiting 2 1/2 hours to see my new doctor was totally worth it when she scheduled me for a real ultrasound as I waited. I got to see the baby kick, flip, hear the heartbeat, and even got a video and printout from the tech. It was an amazing moment.
  • 11 weeks! 13 of 15
    11 weeks!
    Feeling a little bit more energized, this week was a big one. We switched to a high risk specialist and a perinatologist for peace of mind, and I began to feel tiny flutters!
  • The 3D ultrasound! 14 of 15
    The 3D ultrasound!
    This was completely unexpected, but on my trip to a perinatologist I ended up getting one of many 3D ultrasounds to make sure things are ok in there. This was at 12 weeks.
  • 12 weeks! 15 of 15
    12 weeks!
    Well, almost 13 by the time I took this! Bella is peeking up doing her best cheesy smile, she loves being in these.

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