Got Breastmilk? Don’t Got Breastmilk? Call La Leche League.

Human milk. Cow’s milk. It’s all good. This is the message coming from both the dairy industry and breastfeeding advocates.

La Leche League International (LLLI) has been granted permission to adapt the “Got Milk” trademark into their own tagline, “GOT BREASTMILK?” The licensing agreement was signed by The California Milk Processor Board  (CMPB), the creator and owner of the infamous GOT MILK? trademark.

I’m all for the mutual support evident in this agreement! I love milk, from mothers of all species.

I also find it amusing that “Got Breastmilk” will be the La Leche League slogan as so many moms seek out support from this international organization precisely because they are worried that their babies don’t, “got breastmilk.”

New moms are often concerned about their supply and whether the baby is feeding enough or adequately. LLLI has been enormously supportive in helping breastfeeding moms for over half a century. The volunteer model of support is built on mother-to-mother advice. LLLI meetings are held all over the country and they are FREE! The LLLI website also provides tons of info and online advice services.

The cow’s milk organization is happy to be associated with human milk: “We applaud and support the efforts of La Leche League,” says Steve James, CMPB executive director. “GOT MILK? and La Leche League care for the health and wellbeing of moms and babies alike. Both organizations believe that breastfeeding is the most natural and effective way of satisfying the needs of the baby. And as the baby gets older, cow’s milk is the other best natural source of food for children. It provides calcium and many essential nutrients growing kids need for strong bones, muscles, teeth, hair and nails.” The CMPB tries hard to protect their logo, which is often ripped off, so the official partnership with La Leche League is significant.

“GOT MILK? is a familiar tagline to families everywhere,” says executive director of La Leche League International. “We are privileged to have this partnership and sales proceeds will help provide resources for families to make informed choices when it comes to breastfeeding.”

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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