Grooming Your Bikini Line While Pregnant

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Your belly is getting bigger making it harder and harder to see your bikini line and trimming down there is becoming nerve wracking. What’s a pregnant woman who likes to keep things neat in the bikini region to do? You might be wondering what is safe and what the best techniques are.  Through my own experience and lots of tips from other moms I’ve got some ideas to help you out and some things to steer clear of (we are talking pain!). Keep reading for the full scoop…

  • Waxing 1 of 4
    Waxing is safe during pregnancy and you won't be turned away, but be warned it will hurt like a mofo. Sure there might be a handful of women who had no pain, but let me tell you from every pregnant woman I have ever spoken to, the results were extreme pain, swelling, ice packs and broken blood vessels. This is due to the fact that there is an increased blood flow to the area and let's face it, we are just more sensitive all around. If you are brave and not afraid of a pain, go for it!
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  • Laser Hair Removal 2 of 4
    Laser Hair Removal
    I had this done before having kids, but stopped once I got pregnant. There's just not enough evidence out there to determine whether or not it's safe. For me this process was painful and I had to use numbing cream, which may not be a good thing to use while pregnant. If you want to continue with laser, discuss with your doctor and the technician, most suggest waiting until after you have the baby and even post breastfeeding.
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  • Creams And Depilatories 3 of 4
    Creams And Depilatories
    Here we are again with the not enough evidence if it's harmful or safe. The creams have active ingredients called barium sulfide powder and calcium thioglycolate and it's up to you and your doctor to determine whether or not to use this type product.
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  • Shaving 4 of 4
    Old school and cheap and the technique I use (for those few stragglers I have left outside my bikini line after laser hair removal). Things can get tricky with the giant belly so here are some tips for making it easier. Make sure the shower or tub has a non slip surface, place your leg up on the edge, and use a mirror. Or you can have your partner help you, this is my technique of choice. It's fun, he's gentle, and we usually both get turned on and end up having shower sex. Win win!
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