Half-Way There!

20 weeks in and I can still see my feet. I have a feeling this view won't last long.

As of today, I’m 20 weeks pregnant. And judging by my reflection in the mirror as I tried on swimsuits today (joy of joys), I’m starting to look it. I feel it, too! Here are my “stats,” half-way through my pregnancy:

Size of baby: About the length of a banana (6.5 inches) and 10.5 ounces is average, I’m told.

Weight gain: Around 7-8 lbs. I’ll make up for that real fast in my third trimester when I grow so much and so fast you could watch it happen.

How I’m feeling: Happy. Morning sickness only rears its head about once a week. Yay! But heartburn is becoming a common occurrence. I feel like cooking again. I’m more hungry than before and definitely munchy with a wicked little sweet tooth that strikes around 10:30 p.m. every night. And I’m still having the same, old anxieties.

What I’m craving: In the day, anything salty and/or sour. I like cucumber slices doused in red wine vinegar and a little oil, hummus with extra lemon, anything that’s over-sauced and potato chips. At night, anything resembling a black and white milkshake.

What I’m wearing: To date, I’ve only worn one maternity shirt and I liked it because it made me look a little more obviously pregnant. Around the house, I usually stick with billowy t-shirts and drawstring shorts. If out and about, high- or no-waisted jersey dresses. It is hot, hot, hot and worse, sticky, in Virginia so I don’t always feel like I have a lot of choices. Oh, and my gray, cut-off sweat “shorts” are a staple.

If you saw me today: Hair in a bun, bangs pinned back. Wearing a printed, linen wrap dress and brown sandals. Only a little makeup with an emphasis on cover-up thanks to first-trimester breakouts. Covered head-to-toe in sunblock but flushed thanks to the heat. And probably a little flustered, trying to keep my toddler happy and entertained while we run errands to prepare for a vacation. Sipping on an Izze, looking for (or avoiding) something to snack on.

Movement: Oh, yes! And usually baby is most active at night. I think I’m even feeling very dull contractions already. I wouldn’t have recognized them as such the first time around, but this time I remember what they feel like.

Sleep: I have a hard time falling asleep either because my head is reeling, or I can’t get comfortable. I’m starting to have trouble with my favorite semi-stomach sleeping position. But once I’m asleep, I tend to stay that way unless I’ve gotta make a trip to the toilet. Or my neighbors wake up at 5:30 a.m. which is the middle of the night to me.

What I miss: Soft cheese. Deli sandwiches (though I give in occasionally.) Caffeine remains a major temptation. And also, not thinking nearly as hard about what I put into and on my body.

Best moment so far: My two-and-a-half year old pointing to himself, then “Ali Mommy,” and then “Curtis Duddy.” And then saying, “And baby in mommy’s tummy.” And then looking down at his own stomach.

Gender: We find out in two more days! Hooray!

Anyone have some “stats” they’d like to share, too? I’m all ears.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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