Halfway There: 20 Week Update

532129_10103567719069233_1220977706_nLast Friday marked the official halfway point in my pregnancy. However given my previous pregnancies and having both of my girls early, the halfway point was probably a couple of weeks ago.

We had our big 20 week anatomy scan this morning. While I feel like I should be used to these ultrasounds by now, I always feel so nervous going into them. But once I see that little one up on the screen, all of that fear and anxiety is erased and my entire body is filled with such joy.

We were lucky enough to find out the sex of our baby today and could not be more thrilled with the news. I cannot wait for this pregnancy to be over so I can just hold that little one in my arms.

I chronicled many of my weekly updates right here on Babble when I was pregnant with Avery (which is always so fun to be able to look back on) and wanted to share those updates again with this little one.

The Baby: The baby is now the length of a banana. At our ultrasound today we got nothing but great news. The baby weighs right around 13 ounces right now and is developing perfectly. We saw 10 fingers, 10 toes, and he was moving like crazy today, which is so fun to watch on the ultrasound screen.

How I’m Feeling Emotionally: My emotions aren’t as crazy as they have been in my previous pregnancies. I do cry when I see sappy things on television or if one of the girls says something really sweet, but I think I would do that if I wasn’t pregnant. Thankfully we don’t have a roller coaster going just yet.

How I’m Feeling Physically: The morning sickness is still here. And will likely be here for the rest of the pregnancy, which is sadly what I’m used to. It’s really hard to go to bed at night knowing that as soon as I wake up I’ll be in agonizing pain and have to run to the bathroom because I am so nauseous, but it’s really become part of my morning routine. It’s sad and pathetic, I know. Other than that, my belly is much bigger than it was with my previous pregnancies at this point and I am carrying much lower which means that all of my non-maternity pants are not zipping or buttoning.

Weight Gain: Although I’ve been throwing up every morning, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on my weight gain because I’ve already gained nearly 10 pounds. That’s double what I had gained with the both of the girls at this point in my pregnancy. My doctor thinks it’s because I’ve been pregnant closely together that my body is like a sponge and everything comes back quicker this time. That’s definitely the truth in most cases.

What I’m Craving: Clementines is a big craving for me. I ate seven in one sitting the other night. I don’t think I necessarily crave certain foods, but I definitely know what kind of food I want at that specific moment. It’s never consistent though and constantly changing.

What I’m Wearing: I am still able to wear many of my non-maternity clothes (just with my pants unbuttoned and a Bellaband over it.) I do have a feeling that I will be getting into maternity clothes very soon.

What I miss: I miss deli meat. My girls love turkey sandwiches and I sometimes crave them, but with all of the nitrates and the chance of listeria, I shy away from it. I also miss the normal things such as sushi and wine.

What I’m looking forward to in the next half of pregnancy: The first half of pregnancy is always the hardest for me because I am always so sick and this one really had me exhausted. I am excited to finally get some of my energy back and feeling more of myself again. I also can’t wait for MacKay and the girls to see and feel the baby kick on my stomach. It’s so fun to watch them go through this pregnancy with me.


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