Has the Baby 'Dropped?'

Happy 36 weeks to my baby! It’s almost time for the baby to come out and play!

Lately, I can tell that the baby is moving into position for birth. The process, called ‘lightening,’ may occur several weeks before delivery of your first child; it may not occur until actual  labor with subsequent pregnancies.

I already know that the head is down because most of the movements are right under my ribs (and my midwife confirmed the location through an external exam). But there are other symptoms, too, that are leading me to believe that the baby is moving down.

Click through to find how what it feels like when the baby drops.

The biggest change? NO MORE HEARTBURN. Thank goodness!  I haven’t had a single bout of heartburn since six days – a stark contrast to the rest of the third trimester. I suffered through heartburn every single day for the last ten weeks or so – and then, all of the sudden, it disappeared.

Other signs that baby may have dropped:

  • It’s easier to breathe.
  • It’s easier to eat larger meals – you don’t get full as fast.
  • Your bump seems visually lower.
  • It’s harder to walk without waddling.
  • You feel intense pressure between your legs.
  • You pee more frequently.
  • It’s more comfortable to sit with your legs apart.

It’s exciting that my baby is dropping, but truthfully – it doesn’t really mean anything that I didn’t already know. Dropping indicates that labor could start in the next few weeks, and at 36 weeks, I was well aware of that fact! But it’s still progress, and progress is great.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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