Has Your Baby Bump Ever Disappeared?

One of the biggest things I was looking forward to when I finally got pregnant was rocking a giant baby bump. Being short, there seems to be no where for the baby to go but out and so I am usually “oh my, are you going to pop soon” status at 4 or 5 month’s pregnant.

Not this time though.

Not only am I not showing as much as I have in the past, just when I think the bump has finally popped, I’ll wake up the next morning and look like I did at 8 weeks pregnant. Where you can’t tell if I am bloated or what. It’s been strange for me and now that I am nearing 6 months pregnant, I’ll be honest — I am a bit bummed out by it.

I love the bump and as much as it is weird to wake up one day and have no clothes fit because of a mid-section growing, I really do look forward to that. It helps me know that the baby is growing and doing well and it’s what is supposed to happen. It’s what my past experience has been, too.

I asked my doctor about it because it’s been on my mind and he tried to play it off as just a weird thing. I know our baby is a bit smaller right now through ultrasound measurements, but I think I also figured out why my shape can change so much from one day to the next.

My baby is super active. Like crazy kicking all day long which is what keeps me happy and sure he’s doing well. With that though, he also likes to somersault and flip and there’s still room in there so that’s what he does all day.

I’ve figured out that his crazy movement is the reason for the super shape changing — why one day I will look bloated and the next I am huge and pregnant — it’s all depending on where baby landed after his flips and somersaults.

If he’s laying head up or down — I am huge. The next day he will flip to laying sideways (he seems to love right under the belly button or super low on my hips), I look more bloated than pregnant. It’s been really interesting to see how much that makes a difference — and it really does!

:: Have you woken up one morning to a smaller rather than larger bump? Share in the comments! ::

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness | Instagram


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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