Has Your Belly Button Popped?

In every picture I’ve ever seen of a woman 9 months pregnant, she’s got that turkey timer of a belly button indicating that the baby is cooked and ready.

Unfortunately, at 37 weeks, I’ve still got no such thing (see my current belly in the picture at left). My innie may be less of an innie than usual, but it certainly hasn’t popped.

I didn’t pop with my first pregnancy either, but this time I’ve gained significantly more baby weight, so I figured I would see something different.

I posted a picture of my “yet to pop” status on my instagram feed (@mommyshorts) and it turns out I am not alone. Numerous other moms weighed in that they never popped with their pregnancies either.

Are we all just “super innies”? Meaning our belly buttons are so deep, that not even a seven pound baby can make enough of impact to push it out in the other direction? I do have a pretty deep belly button normally…

Based on another comment, I am going to consider myself lucky. One mom said that a popped belly button is incredibly itchy and uncomfortable when rubbed against clothing.

So, I’m just going to count my super innie as a little gift and monitor it closely for the next three weeks.

Did your belly button pop? If so, when?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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