Have You Ever Seen a Baby Kicking? (Video)

One of my favorite things about being pregnant has been feeling my little guy squirm and play all day long.  And as much as I will be happy to finally sleep on my stomach and button my jeans again, I know that his kicks will be something I really miss.

I decided to try to capture some of his big punches on camera, so I could always remember what it was like when he was still on the inside.  Hopefully one day he and I can watch it together!

Last week I recorded this short video with the intention of just sharing it with friends and family.  But after hearing their reactions, I realized that unless you have been pregnant yourself, very few people realize just how big and furious the kicks and punches can be from inside the belly!

Prior to my own pregnancy, I had no idea that you would be able to truly see limbs and appendages dancing and poking their way around.  It’s pretty incredible, a little bit creepy, and definitely something I will never forget.

Click below to watch the video!


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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