Having a Hard Time Naming Your Baby? Hire a Professional Baby Name Consultant!

We have yet to name our son. Trying to pick a name for him has been the cause of much frustration in our house. Until this past week, I seriously thought he might not have a name by the time he actually arrives this May.

My husband and I just can’t seem to agree on boy names. With our daughter, I felt like we were on the same page, and we picked her name out fast. Now with our son, we seem to hate each other’s name ideas. He will turn up his nose at my suggestions, and I think I have scoffed at every single one of his ideas.

There is one name that we both semi-like, but we realized that we needed an outside source to help us commit… someone with an unbiased opinion. We needed a professional.

About a week ago, we hired Elisabeth Wilborn. Elisabeth is a Professional Baby Name Consultant. I happened to come across her website, youcantcallitit.com a couple of weeks ago, and I am so happy that I did!

Elisabeth took her passion for helping couples pick names and developed a site where expecting parents can go to find just the right name for them, their child, and their family. This is the most amazing site if you’re in need of naming inspiration!

Beyond the thousands of name ideas on her site, You Can’t Call It “It”! offers both private and public baby name consultations. If you need personalized advice and suggestions on what to name your wee one, you can email Elisabeth directly for a private consultation!

When I first emailed Elisabeth Wilborn for a name consultation, I wasn’t quite sure how the process would start, but she quickly put me at ease. Our consultations are done through email, and my husband and I have chosen to do ongoing sessions with her until our baby boy is born.

So, Elisabeth first started out asking us about any names that were on our list… what names we hated, what names I liked, and what names my husband liked. She also wanted to know what we named our first baby, and why we loved her name. She asked us about our lifestyle, and the things we liked to do… she asked a bunch of questions just to get to know us better.

The only name on our list is Johnny/Johnnie (we haven’t picked a spelling). My husband and I both really like it, but just can’t seem to commit. However, we like the idea of his name being kind of a traditional southern name. Our daughter’s name is Joleen (yes, we named her after the Dolly Parton song). Very southerny, right? We mentioned this to Elisabeth, and she took all of our information and spent a few days really thinking about, and researching names for us. Here is the list she sent me this week!!!

For musical, creative hip parents, and as a brother for Joleen:

Arlo- A music name, ends in O like Theo
Asa- Seemed to fit the part
Calder- A creative C name
Cassius- Perhaps he would like this as an alternative to just Cash?
Clive- C name with panache
Clyde- Similar to Clive but with swagger
Declan- The next Connor
Dermot- Another with an Irish brogue
Earl- Very Nashville, no?
Ezra- The daring side of Biblical
Guthrie- OK, so I’m a really big fan of Arlo Guthrie
Hank- Mr. Williams, could be Henry on the birth certificate; you also get Harry from Henry
Harlan- Pure Southern charm
Jasper- Forget Twilight, Jasper has it all.
Merritt- One of my favorite surname names, may your son always feel “deserving”
Milo- An intact, non-nicknamey O name with history
Ollie (Oliver?)- I could just see you with a little Ollie
Quincy- A musician of a different genre
Samson- So unexpected
Reid- A similar feeling to Dean perhaps?  Run this one by him and see what he says
Rex- Max has caught on, but I say there are not nearly enough Rexes!
River- Creative and lest I say, fluid?
Roscoe- Ready to shed its Dukes of Hazzard
Rufus- Or any of the names in the Wainwright family tree for that matter
Truman- Capote or Harry S., this has Americana written all over it
Waylon- Gotta include Waylon on any self-respecting country inspired list!
Wylie- Joleen and Wylie would be adorable together
Zeke (or Ezekiel)- High energy, but again with heft.

Amazing names, right?!? We love Hank, Milo, and Waylon!

Now that we have this list, my husband and I will pick the ones we like, and if we still can’t commit to one of these, Elisabeth will take the ones we do like and start researching more names until we find the perfect name! She will even help us pick out the perfect middle name!

I can’t tell you how much pressure this takes off my shoulders! Just knowing we have professional help, and that we are being proactive, puts my hormonal-pregnant-self at ease!

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on the naming process with Elisabeth. In the meantime, for your own private naming consultation, and to learn more about Elisabeth Wilborn, pricing, and what she does, visit, youcantcallitit.com! She is the best, and you will be oh-so-inspired by her site!

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