HELLO 2nd-Trimester Sex Drive! (Or 5 Reasons I’m “Doing It” More)

5 Reasons for Increased Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Sometimes, it’s hard to concentrate on planning for the twins’ arrival. Not because I’m busy with work or family obligations. Not because my list of daily chores never seems to get shorter. Not because I just have so much going on in my life. Not because I suffer from some attention-deficit disorder. Nope. It’s hard to concentrate on planning the twins’ arrival because it’s hard to stop thinking about anything besides sex.

Almost as soon as I hit the second trimester, my libido went through. the. roof. Okay, not literally, but sometimes I really think it might. Not that I haven’t always had a healthy sex drive. It’s just that now, well, now it’s outrageous! Why did no one warn me of this?

Naturally, my inquisitive self went on a search to find out the whys behind my new-found desires, and this is what I came up with…

Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to say this: Mom, I appreciate that you’re a dedicated reader of my blog, and likely my biggest fan. But, I assure you, there is no reason you have to read EVERY one of my posts. This would be a good time to skip one…

  • ‘I Have Energy Again! Babe, Let’s Do It!’ 1 of 5
    'I Have Energy Again! Babe, Let's Do It!'
    The first-trimester blahs are gone, thank you Lord! Now that I'm not falling asleep at 7:30 every night and exhausted during the days, I have more time and energy for other things including sex.
    Source: Pregnancy Info
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  • Bigger Boobs Make Me Feel Sex-ay (even though mine look nothing like this) 2 of 5
    Bigger Boobs Make Me Feel Sex-ay (even though mine look nothing like this)
    I'm beyond thrilled to finally fit into my bras. My barely-A bustline has been with me since the 6th grade, so not only do my larger boobs make me feel like I've finally "made it" as a woman, they've also never been so sensitive to touch. And while this sensitivity can make touch uncomfortable for many women, I belong to the group of women whose breasts get sensitive in a good way.
    Source: Pregnancy Info
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  • Horny Hormones 3 of 5
    Horny Hormones
    The hormone increase of the first trimester left me tired and disinterested in sex. But these second-trimester hormones have made me more affectionate and have increased my need for intimacy.
    Source: Pregnancy Info
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  • A Welcomed Blood Flow ‘Down There’ 4 of 5
    A Welcomed Blood Flow 'Down There'
    It's no secret that pregnancy increases a woman's blood flow and supply. Well, our privates aren't exempt from this. And the extra blood flow swells our lady bits, making yet another region wonderfully sensitive.
    Source: Pregnancy Info
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  • More, More, More Orgasms! 5 of 5
    More, More, More Orgasms!
    Okay, so we covered the increase in hormones, the renewed energy, and the sensitive body parts. Add all those together, and you've got a perfect recipe for MORE ORGASMS! More orgasms during sex is definitely a driving force behind having more sex.
    Source: Pregnancy Info
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