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Olly Moss Well hello readers. My name is Melanie and I’m so happy to be joining the crew at Being Pregnant. I claim to be a party planner but most of my time is spent blogging here and sometimes here. I currently reside in Denver with my soon-to-be attorney husband (bar results Thursday, then he will be knighted or something). Now is about the time in my bio where I say, “We’re expecting our first child in August!” or “I have two beautiful children and one on the way!” but that is not the case. I’m not pregnant nor have I ever been. I hope to be one day soon but my husband and I are dealing with infertility.

Within the last couple of weeks I’ve shared with a few friends and family members that I was going to start writing about our fight with infertility. Their general response has been, “You are so brave.”  I am sorry if that sounds like a humble brag. But I don’t see this as a brave attempt to change the world. I just want to support, love, and discuss.

So, infertility is what I will be addressing on this blog since I’ve become rather familiar with it this last year+. I won’t be giving a day-by-day update of my experiences peeing on sticks. Rather I want to discuss the subject, including how to deal with it and some of the funny and awkward social situations that arise as a result of it. My only hope is that I’ll be able to help those going through the same thing. Or at least we can laugh together about our most irrational moments, like crying at Target because you pass the baby gear section. But just remember, even though it may be hard to see, everything is going to be amazing.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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