OH MY FEET! 5 Tips to Help Pregnant Swollen Feet

pregnant swollen feetUGH! Pregnant Swollen Feet.

No fun. What-so-everh. Well my feet aren’t pregnant but sheesh they sure look like it!

This last week has had me on my feet way more than I am use to and I’m paying for it. Each night I come home, finally sit down to rest – and then – HELLO swollen achy feet due to pregnancy. Looking for relief?

Here are 5 Tips for Pregnant Swollen Feet RELIEF!

1. Elevate Your Feet

Prop your feet up above your heart. This should provide somewhat quick relief.

2. Try Flip Flops or Changing Your Shoes

Flip flops are my best friend.┬áProbably┬ábecause I am in Texas and the weather typically is forgiving enough that you can wear flip flops at least 9 months a year. I don’t know if it’s the room to wiggle or what, my feet are happier in flip flops. If flip flops aren’t your thing, make sure your shoes are fitting you right. And ladies, lay off the heels if your feet hurt!

3. Support Stocking

These are SEXY ladies. Okay, I am kidding, but hey if your feet are nasty swollen, take care of them toes and get yourself some support stockings. Your doctor can prescribe you these. If they help the anti-sexiness will be worth it.

4. Lay Off the Salt!

Try consuming a low-salt diet. Salt causes you to retain water, not what preggos need.

5. Avoid Sitting or Standing in One Place for Long Periods of Time

Rest relax when possible. If you do have to stand, move your feet and take breaks often. If you have to sit, such at a desk – see if you can find something to prop your feet up. Last pregnancy I brought house slippers to work to slide on under my desk. It was worth it.

What Tips Do You Have to Help Relieve Swollen Feet Caused by Pregnancy?

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