Hey Pink! What is Wrong With Water Birth?

This week the rumor started circulating around that famous, and pregnant singer Pink was planning a water birth for her first child due right around the time as I  in May.

When I read that report put out by In Touch Weekly I jumped up and down with joy. Almost as excited as I was for the rumor of Angelina Jolie’s water birth in Namibia. Of course there was no such thing, and the paparazzi and media blew it out of proportion. But just if one big name celebrity that everyone is following would opt for a home birth or natural intervention free birth… it would be an awesome example.

In Touch Weekly reported:

“Pink is opting for a water birth when she delivers her firstborn next spring. She did her research and decided that a water birth worked for her.”

Unfortunately for In Touch Weekly they were wrong, and Pink took to her twitter account to straighten things out, as well as poke fun at a water birth. Ugh, why pink why?

Pink tweeted:

“My mom just told me that “in touch” has informed her that she is invited to my delivery, and that I want a water birth. She asked me if she needs to get a snorkel. This is all news to me. Amazing. Good reporting.”

A snorkel? Really? Might as well added another ignorant stereotype like the baby drowning…

Sigh… and I was so happy to follow her pregnancy, now I only can wonder what other train wrecks she is going to come out with before Spring?

photo credit : Solarpix / PR Photos

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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