Hi, I’m Claire, the New Girl

media-uploadHi. I’m Claire. Some of you know me as Guru Louise over at Rants from Mommyland. I’m new here at Babble and I thought some of you might want to get to know me. So click on through to learn all the exciting, juicy details of my life…




  • I’m a Mom 1 of 9
    I'm a Mom
    I have two kids under age five—a four year-old girl and a two year-old boy. I am a stay-at-home mom to them most of the week. There is a lot of wiping and laughing and crying and negotiating at my house on a daily basis.
  • I’m a Wife 2 of 9
    I'm a Wife
    My college sweetheart and I have been together for eleven years, married for six.
  • I like Kids 3 of 9
    I like Kids
    I have a M.A. degree in Child Development, which means I know a lot of theory and research about little kids and how to parent them in a healthy, productive way. This information is surprisingly hard to access when you find your children have ripped open ten packets of instant oatmeal and dumped them all over the kitchen floor while you were peeing. But my degree and experience did land me a pretty sweet part-time job teaching developmental parenting classes at Isis Parenting in MA, where I live.
  • And…I’m Knocked Up! 4 of 9
    And...I'm Knocked Up!
    Did I mention I'm pregnant?! As you may have gathered from my new position here at Babble I'm expecting Baby #3 this June!
  • Halfway There 5 of 9
    Halfway There
    I'm 19 weeks pregnant! So I'm well into my second trimester. And for the record, I started showing before I was even out of my first, thanks to my stretched out uterus and lax ab muscles. What WHAT.
  • Boy or Girl? 6 of 9
    Boy or Girl?
    My big 20 week anatomy ultrasound is later this week where the sex of the baby will be revealed. I'm just a little excited. SQUUUEEEE! My husband and I are already locked in heated debate about names so it will be nice to eliminate half the fighting. (I mean, half the list.)
  • Making Room for Baby 7 of 9
    Making Room for Baby
    My kids both know about the new sibling on the way and they seem really proud. My daughter has been emphatically sharing the news with everyone. On Christmas Eve she charmed our extended family by announcing, "There's a baby in Mommy's belly!" I did not find that same announcement as charming when she said it to the creepy man in line behind us at the supermarket, who then gave me the once-over (eeeww) and launched into a delightful monologue about his own varicose veins.
  • A Long Road 8 of 9
    A Long Road
    This will be my third baby but my fifth pregnancy, which is a sad part of my past. Before my first pregnancy, I always imagined I would do all-natural births and deliver with a midwife, but instead I'm part of a high-risk OB practice at one of the nation's top hospitals and I have to inject myself with medicine via syringe in the stomach every morning. I file both of these facts under: THINGS I THOUGHT I COULD CONTROL UNTIL LIFE SMACKED ME IN THE FACE WITH A SANDWICH. I'll tell you more about both these things in the coming weeks.
  • Happy to be Here 9 of 9
    Happy to be Here
    I'm excited to be documenting this pregnancy on Babble because, let's face it, this is Baby #3. This kid will be lucky if I remember to bring my camera to the hospital, let alone cherish the pregnancy. So I hope this will be a place where I can be honest about what it's like to be pregnant. I will be discussing this pregnancy, my previous pregnancies, and all my preparations, deliberations, fears and (hopefully) joys of having another baby.


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