High Levels of Vitamin D in Pregnancy May Cause Food Allergies: New Study

vitamin dA new study published in the February issue of the journal Allergy found that high vitamin D levels in pregnant women are associated with a higher risk of their children developing a food allergy during infancy.

If you are the mother of a child with food allergies (like me) you may have just read that and thought: “Say whaaaaaaaaat??”

Vitamin D is does all kinds of awesome stuff for your body, including making your bones stronger and boosting your immune system in the winter.

But according to an article in Science Daily, it may have side effects if levels are too high during pregnancy. The researchers studied Vitamin D levels in over 600 women and babies, taken in the blood levels of the women and in the cord blood of the newborns. Researchers then followed-up with the mothers over the first two years of baby’s life to determine if a food allergy developed during infancy.

I’m not great at biology, but here goes: cells called T-cells are present in the body to help prevent the immune system from exaggerating allergies, therefore protecting against food allergies. The study found that “the higher the level of vitamin D found in the blood of mothers and children, the fewer regulatory T-cells could be detected,” meaning that the presence of excess Vitamin D might suppress the growth of T-cells, leading to the increase in allergies.

Keep in mind this study found a correlation between high Vitamin D levels and the presence of baby food allergies. There is no proof that one causes the other and the researchers note that there are many factors that contribute to a child developing allergies.

But it does seriously make me re-think taking Vitamin D supplements with this pregnancy. Having food allergies sucks and I would be pumped if my new baby could avoid them.

Did you take Vitamin D supplements while pregnant?

Source: Science Daily

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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