High School Boys Flip Burning Truck To Save Pregnant Woman


A pregnant woman, trapped inside a burning pick-up truck.

The flames get closer as she screams for help.

Little did she think three high school students would save her life and the life of her unborn child but it’s what happened.

As Cameron Smith reports on Yahoo Sports, three members of the Forest Park High offensive line took their strength off the field in a serious way last week when they lifted and flipped the overturned pickup truck to save the pregnant woman trapped inside.

According to the Dubois County Herald and Forest Park’s football booster club website, 16 year-olds Austin Kempf and Ethan Knust and 17 year-old Anthony Fischerwere headed into a store when they witnessed a vehicle spin out and crash.  The three boys ran through a ditch and over a barbed-wire fence to get to the scene of the crash where they found a truck hauling gravel in a trailer had flipped.

The football players helped the driver out of his trapped seat while flames started to rage around his truck.  Once the driver was out he began trying to unbuckle his 3-year-old daughter and yelled to the young men that his pregnant wife was still trapped inside the truck.

The boys did not hesitate.  “Anthony runs around the back of the truck and looks under it and you could see the bottom and there’s flames and he’s like, ‘It’s on fire, we gotta get her out of there,'” Kempf tells News 25.

As flames began to rage, the boys grabbed two bystanders – an older man in a back brace and a woman in a military uniform – and coordinated a five-man lift to flip the truck over.  They got the truck turned just in time for the pregnant woman to escape.

The three football players hardly seemed surprised that they pulled off the feat at all.

“We’re football players and I knew we could do it,” Fischer told the Herald.

Added Kempf: “We had to flip the truck over. It was just a midsize truck.”

Just a midside truck, huh?  Well done, guys.  Well done.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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