Hipster Baby Names

I'd take a little Matilda.

Think you have a name in your back pocket that nobody else could possibly conceive of? Bad news. The hipsters thought of it before you could spell your own name.

I’m not big on labeling, but hipster jokes always get a little chuckle out of me. Maybe because I’m one-foot-in and one-foot-out with that generation—I knew all those indie bands before you did (wink), but I’ve been out of college a little too long and shop at Target a little too much to be given the classification. At any rate, a list of hipster baby names caught my attention, and not just because I wanted to get a good laugh out of it … or see if my own kid’s name was on it.

You can check out the Top 20 Hipster Baby Names here. I have to admit liking the direction these names are going and am curious about how they’ll influence the name pool. If we get some trickle-down from the hipsters with more Allens, Zooeys and Theloniuses rather than the “socially elite” monikers Ava and Aiden (though there’s nothing wrong with these sensible names), it might have the potential to keep the name-game—and kindergarten class rosters—interesting.

I for one, would love to meet a little Atticus or Alice. And I hope they’ll be wearing big, “ironic” glasses, too.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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