Holiday Gifts for New Grandparents

For my parents, our baby is their first grandchild. That includes all the assorted step-parents too, which is impressive considering that there are 6 girls between the ages of 31 and 21. And trust me, they’ve been begging for babies for years.

Even though our child won’t arrive until May, I’ve been brainstorming a few things I could get them for the holidays that would commemorate their new status as grandparents.

A lot of the ideas I came up with fit more for a grandma or grandpa, but there are plenty that will work for both. And depending upon where you shop, you can get a lot of these personalized, which I kind of love. I’m not going to tell you which of these I’ve already bought for my parents since I know they’re reading this, but they’ll be getting a few presents from the baby this year.

  • Books from your childhood 1 of 10
    Books from your childhood
    I actually got this idea from my mother, who bought me this very book as a gift to celebrate our pregnancy. But I got to thinking, my parents always used to read us books when we were kids, so it might be fun to buy them a few books from my childhood, to keep at their houses, so that they can read them to my child. It's personal, it's pretty inexpensive, and it can give your child a small taste of your past.
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  • Ultrasound frame 2 of 10
    Ultrasound frame
    A friend told me about something like this and I loved the idea. It's a two sided frame, one where you put an ultrasound and the other for a picture of the baby once it has arrived. If your parents are anything like mine, I'm pretty sure they'll love it.
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  • Handprint/Footprint mold 3 of 10
    Handprint/Footprint mold
    This one will obviously only work if your baby is here already, but personalized hand or footprint molds are a really sweet keepsake. This particular version is for an ornament, but if your family doesn't decorate a tree, there are about a million other mold kits out there.
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  • Grandma necklace 4 of 10
    Grandma necklace
    This one is a little more on the grandma side, but personalized necklaces are a great gift for a new grandma. You can add more stones as more grandchildren arrive in the future. I like this particular necklace because it's delicate, but also fun, and I can actually imagine my mom or step-mom wearing something like this.
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  • Grandma bag 5 of 10
    Grandma bag
    This is a great gift, especially if your mom is going to be doing a lot of traveling to help out or visit the baby. It's a nice canvas bag that you can personalize with your baby's name.
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  • Apron 6 of 10
    This one can work for either a grandma or a grandpa as there are a plethora of personalized aprons out there. I like getting my dad clever aprons to wear when grilling and this one would fit perfectly.
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  • Keychain 7 of 10
    This is a nice, small and not too flashy gift for a new grandma or grandpa, especially if they aren't really the jewelry type. These ones are also nice because you can keep adding name charms on as more grandchildren join the crew.
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  • Golf Marker 8 of 10
    Golf Marker
    This is another subtle but personal gift for a new grandma or grandpa who likes to golf. It's small and subtle, but again, really personalize-able for any grandma or grandpa.
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  • Grandparent T-shirt 9 of 10
    Grandparent T-shirt
    There are a lot of grandparent t-shirts out there, and some of them are so cheesy I wouldn't think of buying them for my parents. But I like this one for it's simplicity and vintage feel, and I really like the "since 2011" line. It's a fun commemorative t-shirt for proud new grandparents.
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  • Mug 10 of 10
    This one is far from a unique idea, but I still think it's pretty fun. There are about a million different versions of these mugs, but I like these for the color, shape and lack of cheesiness. But depending upon your parents, you may want something flashier or more exciting.
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Did you buy your parents anything when they became grandparents?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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