Holiday-Inspired Baby Names

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to have a baby. The holiday season is upon us, providing a sleigh-full of name inspiration for your new arrival.

Take your pick from some of these suggestions, which range from subtly spirited to strongly seasonal:


Didn’t you know? Every time a baby’s named Clarence, an angel gets his wings.


You don’t need three wise men to tell you that this name, shortened from Hallelujah, is a touching choice for your little miracle.


This name may seem straightforward, but it’s no Holliday or Mary Christmas. Though beautiful on its own, it is also a charming complement to a first name, as seen with Nicole Richie’s daughter Harlow Winter.


There won’t be too much peace on earth (or in your home) once your baby starts walking, but giving your daughter this name, which is the Spanish word for dove, will guarantee some serenity in your family even on the most restless nights.


The only things more cheerful than the holiday season are the parents of a newborn baby! Name your daughter Felicity to capture this happiness all year round.


This classic holiday reference is perfectly (Santa) suited for any good little boy. He’ll already have the chubby, red cheeks, and now he’ll have the name!


Your son or daughter might not be the first Noel, but they’ll definitely be the cutest.


That big guy in the red suit has got so many nicknames: Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle … the list goes on and on. Luckily, your son only needs one name, and Kristopher is a perfect option that is both subtle and strong.


So you want her name to denote festivities, and sparkle and cheer. The kind of name that just makes you think of a Christmas tree lit up at night … something kind of tinsel-y. Hmmmm, like Tinsley?


Yuletide, Yule log, Yul Brynner … you’ll certainly be sorry to pass up this surprisingly versatile name.


Once you’ve got little Dash, you won’t need Dancer, Prancer, or Vixen to get your holiday fix all year long.


Regardless of whether they’ve been naughty or nice, parents everywhere will be overjoyed to see their little bundle of Cole on Christmas morning.


You know what’s made of sugar, spice, and everything nice? Little girls. And gingerbread. Ginger might seem like a traditional name to those not in the know, but you and your family will cherish the secretly Christmassy origin.


Looking for a very unique name for your little one? Olwen, which actually means “white footprint,” is perfect for a winter baby.


Nothing says Christmas decorations like a holly plant. Festive and evergreen, Holly will be as good a name as it a fireplace décor.


The holidays are a time of giving, so why not name your future do-gooder after the selfless act of helping the less fortunate?


Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh … Instill the joy of carol singing onto the your new bundle of joy.


Thanks to Kim and Kanye’s baby, we’re sure this name will be sweeping the baby name charts, but this can also be a subtle reminder of the magic of the North Pole.


We’ve heard June, May, and August as names before, but December could be a unique twist on a month-inspired baby name.


We could all use a bit more of this in the world, and what better way to spread it than with your soon-to-be baby?

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