Holy Leg Cramp! My Least Favorite Second Trimester Symptom

Pain in the LegLast night I was in the middle of an amazingly deep and wonderful sleep when I woke to an incredibly sharp leg cramp in my left leg. I may have mumbled “Ouuuuch!” along with a few other choice expletives.

I honestly don’t know what annoys me more about the second trimester leg cramps: the searing pain or the fact that they happen when I should be sleeping. I mean, come ON. I’m a seasoned mother so I am very well aware that I have exactly 3 months of halfway decent sleep left before I’m going to be awoken every two hours by a baby. So why, why, WHY does my body decide to torture me now??

Not to mention that the way everyone tells you to stop the cramp is to flex your toes up toward your knee. But when you’re actually having the cramp that’s pretty much the last motion you want to do. It’s like someone telling you to relax during a contraction. Sounds great! But how does one do that exactly?

Tonight I’m going to try stretching out my calves before bed to see if I can thwart the evil cramps. Or request a full leg massage. Hmmm….

Did you get vicious leg cramps when pregnant?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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