Home Pregnancy Test Keepsake: Cute or Weird?

Did you save your home pregnancy test? According to the makers of e.p.t. pregnancy tests, 67% of us do.

I saved mine for years and then tossed it in a ruthlessly unsentimental cleaning binge. I sort of wish I still had it, or some other Proustian passport back to the moment I first saw one… and then two lines emerge in that little white square space.

Life really did change in that instant. I had no idea what it would change into, of course. But a line (or two in this case) had been crossed. Amazing that such a huge moment in our lives takes place in the bathroom. 

I don’t remember jumping for joy. I didn’t cry. I just felt stunned and thrilled and perhaps a little dizzy, though maybe that was the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone kicking in. Of course I ran to my ob/gyn who immediately told me to go home and call back in six weeks.

The good folks at e.t.p. were so moved by the idea of millions of women saving their urine-soaked sticks, they’ve come up with a cute keepsake accoutrement: It’s a purple, satin string purse perfectly sized to hold the stick. They will send it out to customers for free with proof of purchase.

According to the e.p.t survey of 800 moms, the top three keepsakes are: ultrasound photos, items from the delivery day (wristbands, blanket, footprint) and home pregnancy tests, in that order. In some ways it might seem a little gross to hang on to old urine. But there’s a poignancy to including a dried up bodily fluid alongside the sonograms and tiny footprints. Pregnancy is a very fluid time, after all… and one that will involve many more– far less meaningful–trips to the bathroom.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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