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Creating a homebirth experience in the hospital...

In Canada and the U.S., there is a stigma around home-birth that is hard to ignore. If you are a newly pregnant woman considering her options, more often than not, you will come across the dowager of almighty braggarts, from one end of the spectrum to the other. All surrounding birth and the practitioners we choose in general, not just homebirthing.

The one thing about birth that I am certain of, is that most of our bodies (obviously, women) are made to do it and at times, yes – can be dangerous. Birth is a powerful force, to be respected and revered for all of it’s power. Not feared for all of it’s power.

As the wait to my birthing day becomes less and less, and our families become a part of the planning process, we find ourselves faced with a lot of fear. Fear out of love and concern, but it’s there none-the-less. Mainly because we are an hour away from our midwives (out of jurisdiction).

There are many reasons, which I have already written about, explaining why we are in said predicament. If you want to call it that. (Not how I’m thinking about it). Our main focus now is to plan as much as we can in an unpredictable situation and remain positive. Excited! Happy! Ultimately, I would love to have a home water-birth here, in our new home – but since we have to travel to be with our midwife, we are looking at making our hospital experience as home-birth based as possible.

We are lucky to be under the care of an Anishinaabe midwifery collective who are well-known at the hospital where we’ll be birthing and have permissions to conduct all of our ceremonies – including turning off the smoke detectors when we smudge during song or ceremony. The birthing unit at said hospital is brand new, state of the art and has amazing birthing pools. Come to mama. We are allowed music, candles and our own linens. I can have up to 5 support people with me (unless undergoing an emergency procedure), not including my birth photographer.

That’s right, we’ve decided to document our birth, live – with videos and photo’s. Why? I’ve come across quite a few in my pregnant/mama years and have found them to be inspiring. Real. Funny (at times). Beautiful. Empowering. I know I’m not the only one. There are thousands among thousands of these videos being made, watched and shared for those very reasons. Have no desire to watch something like that? You probably aren’t pregnant then – or have some other hang-up we could talk about if you really want – or have a hate-on for the birth/parent-world in general. Move along then, what are you doing reading this anyways?

So yes. Stay tuned – after we mix it up in all of it’s unknown, music-splicedĀ  glory, I shall release it on the internets. Oh go on now! How many of you have had, or are going to have a birth photographer? Who’s made a video? Link ’em up, I love that action.

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