Hope: Our Official Infertility Plan

“I’m going to be totally up front with you,” our RE assured us, “if you were sitting across from me and you had never achieved a pregnancy, I would suggest we go straight to IVF.”


He then went on to list the numerous things that we have going for us…

  • We know that we can achieve pregnancy, having gotten pregnant three times on our own.
  • My ovarian reserve is great…no signs of peri-menopause.
  • My fallopian tubes are wide open.
  • An ultrasound confirmed that I ovulated this month.
  • Craig’s sperm count is more than ample.

So, given all of those things, he would like to see us begin with Clomid and IUIs.

And, while I’m comforted by all that we have going for us, I’m more confused than ever about why we’ve been unable to get pregnant on our own.

Our RE explained that even at the peak of our fertility, in our 20s, the chances of getting pregnant in any given cycle aren’t nearly as high as we are led to believe.

And, as we all know, those chances drop drastically after the age of 35.

We’ll try three cycles of Clomid and IUIs and if we’re unsuccessful, we’ll move on to injectables, which scare me, to be honest.  And the needles scare me a whole lot less than the increased chances of multiples.

So, while we weren’t given any ready answers or promises of a smooth road ahead, I walked away from today’s appointment feeling optimistic, though guardedly so.

I appreciated our RE’s honesty and that he focused on setting realistic expectations.

On day one of our next cycle, we’ll begin our journey.

And while the road ahead may be bumpy, I think we’re up for it.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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