Hotel Birth, Kidnapping, and a Midwife

My biggest fear!

A little over a week ago I came across a news story about a missing pregnant woman from Georgia.  There was evidence that she had given birth in a local hotel, and now her, the baby, and her midwife were all no where to be found.

The biggest concern was the large amount of blood left behind in the hotel room and the concern that maybe something went wrong and her, or her baby needed some kind of medical care the midwife may not have been able to provide inside the hotel room.

Being the birth junkie I am, I continued to follow the story, and it got more scary by the moment. Every new story published it got slightly stranger, and sounded like it was right out of a television show.

Then Holly Daenette Parker-Heard, the 27 year old mother who had given birth was discovered in a home in Cobb County Georgia.

Originally it was believed that after the mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl, she was kidnapped by the midwife and a man only identified as Christian Turner.

Can you imagine giving birth and being not only kidnapped yourself but these people making off with your baby?   Seriously, right out of a CSI episode!

But now the police are investigating the mother herself as they are saying her story did not make much sense.   Now they believe the mother was trying to sell her baby through a illegal private adoption, or on the black market.  Whoa!   Could the story take any more of a strange turn?

This is certainly a story I am going to continue to follow… what do you think about the allegations?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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