Hottest Baby Names of 2012 Inspired By Best-Selling Books, TV Shows & Pop Stars

Hottest Baby Names of 2012 via Babble.comNames is a big thing for me and we always take a lot of time debating and conjuring up a new name for our children. We love unique names — something that’s not on any top 10 and hopefully not on the top 100 list of popular baby names. So far, I think we’ve achieved that.

I am not even pregnant yet, but my husband and I (and even the kids) have already been in big chats over what we will name the next baby. We have a boy and girl name picked out so far and one of them is inspired by a best-selling book.

Turns out, that seems to be the theme of baby names in 2012 with many making the list for the first time. Thanks to popular pop starts, best-selling books and adapted into tv or movies, some more unique names are topping the hot list for this year.

Click through for 7 of the hottest baby names of 2012 — so far:

  • Blue 1 of 7
    We knew that once superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z announced their daughter's name, it would quickly become popular. Blue according to Nameberry is up 600% from the year before.
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  • Sybil 2 of 7
    The hit show Downtown Abbey has quickly become loved by many so it's no surprise that Sybil has made the list of names so far this year.
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  • Gatsby 3 of 7
    Great literature usually has great characters and names, including Gatsby. From the classic book "The Great Gatsby", this name is quickly becoming popular.
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  • Niall 4 of 7
    It's funny how once someone becomes popular -- their name does as well. I've never heard of the name "Niall" before and wouldn't think it to be for a boy, but it is! Made popular by the cutsy boy band member of One Direction.
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  • Arya 5 of 7
    I love me some "Game of Thrones" and if you've read the books or caught on to the awesome from the TV Show, Arya is not only a gorgeous name, but a great character too. According to Nameberry, Arya is up 800%!
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  • Theon 6 of 7
    Another unique name from the popular novel "Game of Thrones", Theon is another strong name that rounds out the popular names so far of the year.
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  • Decimus 7 of 7
    Names inspired by ancient Rome are on the rise thanks to the success of The Hunger Games books and movie adaptation. Decimus is also more popular now thanks to the character Russell Crowe played in Gladiator, Maximus. Decimus was his middle name.
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For the rest of the current list of hottest names: check out Nameberry

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