Fully Illustrated Children’s Book Showing How a Baby is Made. Would You Buy This Book For Your Child?

My kids are at the age now where they are really curious about babies. A month or so ago they came into my bedroom and asked my husband and I to tell them where babies come from. I know this topic is one that many parents struggle with just how much to tell their kids — we did too.

What we ended up doing was finding one of the books I had from when I was pregnant — detailed with photos we tried to answer their questions in a way they could understand. Not getting into too much detail, because they are still young, but not scaring them away from asking us anything.

This is a discussion I am sure we will be having again and again as their curiosity increases with their age. I was searching the web for books to talk to kids about sex, pregnancy and birth and came across this one from the Danish author, Per Holm Knudsen titled “The True Story of How Babies Are Made.” The author does not shy away from answering straight up the mechanics of sex, pregnancy and birth while keeping it light enough for children to understand. Still, I wonder if I would be comfortable with reading this to my kids. Part of me is totally for it — another part wonders if I am uncomfortable only because I don’t think a book like this would fly here.

Click through to see some pages of the book and an animated short created narrating the book and let me know your thoughts!

  • Page 4 1 of 8
    Page 4
    "When the parents are not wearing any clothes, you can see that the Mother has an opening between her legs. It's called a vagina. The Father has a penis and testicles."
    Photo Credit: Scribd
  • Page 5 2 of 8
    Page 5
    "The Father and Mother love each other very much and want to be very, very close. Sometimes when the father feels especially loving, his penis becomes large."
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  • Page 6 3 of 8
    Page 6
    "Then, to show his love, the Father puts his penis into the Mother's vagina. The father and mother hold each other tightly, and move together happily. They are making love, or having intercourse."
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  • Page 7 4 of 8
    Page 7
    "If a sperm cell has joined the egg (or ovum), together they can grow into a baby inside the mother's womb. The mother and father do not know yet if this has happened."
    Photo Credit: Scribd
  • Page 12 5 of 8
    Page 12
    "No the child has eyes and ears, and keeps on growing."
    Photo Credit: Scribd
  • Page 17 6 of 8
    Page 17
    "The baby's head comes out first. The mother's body stretches to allow the baby to come out."
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  • Page 18 7 of 8
    Page 18
    "Then comes it's arms. When the baby is completely born, the doctor cuts the umbilical cord which has carried food to the baby all this time, for it is no longer needed."
    Photo Credit: Scribd
  • Page 20 8 of 8
    Page 20
    "The mother and baby rest in the hospital and get to know each other. Then the happy father comes to take them home. The hungry newborn baby sucks milk from his mother's breasts."
    Photo Credit: Scribd

I also found an animated short narrating this movie with a few added extras.

Take a view — it’s fun too:


To read the whole book — you can purchase it here on Amazon

What do you think of this book? Good? Bad? Just Weird?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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