How Did You Feel Before Labor?

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Last night, I spent about two hours in so-called ‘false labor.’ It was very exciting… until I got up, walked around the house, ate some toast, and the cramping suddenly stopped. Boo! Come on, baby!

The experience made me wonder what it feels like immediately before you go into real labor. Before I experienced my false labor, my baby was incredibly active. The movements were the biggest that I had ever seen. I scoured the Internet and discovered that while some women experience this, others find their babies get quieter right before delivery.

The bottom line is that there is no one way to feel before labor. Everyone experiences it differently. Some nest, some sleep, some women even get frisky!

Read on to discover six stories of how it feels right before labor.


“To be honest, the night before I went into labor, I felt just the same as any other day. Then, I woke up at 2 a.m. with contractions, and the only reason I knew they were real instead of Braxton Hicks was because my lower back was cramping really bad with each one, like a period, and when I went to pee, I lost my [mucus] plug. It’s different for every person….” From user maryinger on CafeMom.com


“With my son, I lost my mucous plug at 10 PM. I went to bed not feeling anything in particular, and woke up around 5 in the morning with menstrual-like cramps. Over the course of the morning they turned into a kind of “pulling” feeling, coming in waves, but not painful.” From user Erdbeer on Mothering.com


“Started losing mucus plug a couple of days beforehand, but that was the one and only sign I had. I was completely surprised and shocked when my water broke. Contractions did not start until about an hour after that.” From user Biscuits and Gravy on Mothering.com


“With my first pregnancy I developed a theory. I don’t know how sound it is, but just based on how my friends [in real life] did towards the end of their pregnancies, this is what I observed. No matter if you go “early” or “late” we all seemed to just enter a “funk” about 2 weeks before giving birth. The “funk” included more intense feelings that we had experienced during the 3rd trimester, just at heightened levels. The “funk” feelings included depressed feelings, so uncomfortable in our bodies, exhaustion yet unable to sleep well, just feeling out of it, not wanting to see people or talk to them, inability to concentrate to the Nth degree, feeling unbalanced health/emotion wise, etc. The theory I developed was that when you get into that “funk” you’ve got two weeks to get things in order. Yet, usually you don’t have any ability to do anything other than making sure you take a nap when you can and relax as much as possible.” From user Spark on Mothering.com


“I was cleaning like a mad person non-stop all day before I went into labor. I even got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors. I didn’t stop cleaning until 12:30 am. I finally got into bed about 12:45am and at 1:20am, I was in the car on the way to the hospital.” From user Starlight on Baby-Gaga.com


“When I went in to labor with both of my pregnancies, I had a strange gassy feeling in the beginning. I remember having it with both of them. I thought both times it must have been something I had eaten. But the gas-like pains quickly turned in to contraction pains and progressed from there. I remember going to the doctor the day I was in labor with my first child. I was having the gas pains all morning and… the doc told me I was fine and could go home and he would see me in another week. I was at the hospital within a few hours!” From user darcytrue on Mothering.com

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