How Do You Know When You Are Done Having Children?

How did you know when your family was complete?   Was it a certain number of children, or maybe a bad birth experience that put the end to your expanding family?

I am struggling with the thought myself. My husband and I basically were done, at least for the time being when I got pregnant with our newest addition Addison.  But we quickly became excited about our family expanding once more. This time around after talking a lot about it during my pregnancy itself, we are done.

But being only 25 I don’t truly feel… done.  We never know what another 10 years will bring in our lives, and we have decided not to take any kind of permanent measures at this point in time.

In two weeks I go in to have my IUD put in, and will keep it in for the next 5 years, and possibly have another one put in after… who knows, as no one knows what tomorrow will bring, but I wanted to get other mothers perspectives to when you really knew you were done having children and your family truly was complete?

One side of me is really scared to have anymore children after the experience of IUGR (Intrauterine growth restriction) with Addison, which left me with a tiny, but thankfully healthy baby, but a very scary third trimester.  I am sure most of you remember from reading the constant appointments and ultrasounds.

Moms… when did you know your family was complete?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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