How Do You Know When Your Water Breaks?

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Over the weekend we took a little mini-vacation to a huge indoor water park. It occurred to me as I was sitting in the wave pool, waves crashing on my bump and all: crap, how do I know if my water breaks in here? Of course, I am way to0 early for my water to break — 17 weeks — but I was doing a lot and with my history…well, you just never know. Especially since my water has never broken naturally.

I immediately jumped out of the pool to Google. (I know, gotta love Google.) And now? Now I am fully educated about just how to know when my water has broken.

Read on to see how you know when your water breaks, what to expect, and just what to do!

1. No Real Sign

The bad thing is there is no way to know if your water is going to break. It commonly happens in more active labor, and it’s not usually the first sign of labor.

2. Watch Out For Contractions

However, if it is the first sign of labor you will know within a few hours when contractions usually start on their own.

3. Bye Bye Mucus Plug

A sure sign of your water breaking would be after you loose your mucus plug. But, for some, it still doesn’t happen naturally.

4. Leaking Until The End

Get ready to leak because, from the moment your bag breaks until the baby is born, you will be a leaking mess.

5. Symptoms Before Your Water Breaks

You may have some mild cramping or lower pain, which is just a sign of labor prior to your water breaking.

6. Pop!

It feels like a water balloon popping inside of you.

7. Did My Water Break?

In the shower and feel a trickle which you think may be your water breaking? Smell it! The fluid should be odorless.

8. Bathroom Breaks

It isn’t like having to urinate. However, some women do complain of feeling an urge to use the bathroom even though they just did. When they go to use it again, their water breaks. Surprise!

9. Check-In

Don’t freak if your water breaks at home. However, notify your doctor or midwife right away. Some will rush you to the hospital others will let you wait it out at home.

10. Water, Water Everywhere

You will either feel a slight trickle or a large gush of fluid, but no worries: it’s painless.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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