How Do You Know?

baby bump I’m currently in the dreaded two week wait. I’ve strategically placed my box of pregnancy tests in a hard to get at spot so it allows for a lot of thinking time before I reach them. This ensures that I talk myself out of using one until it’s actually at the optimal date. I think I wanted to take one the day after this last month’s fertility treatment, I just get so anxious.

During this wait and previous ones, I find that I almost start making up pregnancy symptoms. Is my sense of smell heightened or did I just forget to turn on the disposal? Am I nauseous or was that just expired milk? Am I tender or did you just elbow me in the chest?

I realize that pregnancy symptoms don’t come within the first week after conception and that a pregnancy test is probably your first indication of actually being pregnant, but I can’t help myself. I guess you can add delusional to the list of my infertility traits.

What I’m curious about readers is how did you know you were pregnant? Since my PMS symptoms closely resemble early pregnancy symptoms, it doesn’t seem like those are too reliable. Was it just a maternal feeling you had? Were there really clear symptoms? Or were you just flat out surprised when you got the positive sign?

image: Lacey Jane

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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