How Do You Plan To Commemorate Your Pregnancy?

alyson 35 weeks pregnant belly
My pregnant belly at 35 weeks!

Yesterday when I was at my prenatal appointment, my doctor commented on my “cute round belly” and asked if I was planning to commemorate it some how.  Now before you go on thinking I’m bragging about my belly, I have to be completely honest.  I love being pregnant and I’ve never felt better about my body than I do right now.  I’ve always had a little bit of chub around my middle, so for me to see a cute round belly that I NEVER expected, I admit it’s a little bit of a confidence boost and enough to make me want to celebrate it.  There are lots of ways to commemorate your pregnant belly and here’s some cute ideas. 

These days, more and more women are stepping up to celebrate their pregnancies in a creative way and I love it.  Whether it be taking professional photos, producing a stop motion video or simply having their belly painted, each one is unique to each pregnancy and each one more creative than the next.  For example, photographer Carolee Beckham has been documenting her pregnancy with beautiful photos of herself along with the typical fruits and veggies that your baby is most often compared to week by week.  Here are a few more creative ways to document your growing belly.

carolee beckham pregnancy photos

I’m not planning anything beyond the weekly pictures I post for my family and friends as well as a few professional photos.  What about you, are you documenting your pregnancy in any way?  Regardless if you’re just taking a photo in the mirror with your phone or you’ve got plans on painting your belly with henna, I’d love to hear.

{bottom two photos by Carolee Beckham}

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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