11 Ways You Can Help Combat Postpartum Depression

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. ” – Oprah

On Febuary 5th, 2010, I was getting ready to give birth to my third beautiful little girl Kennadi Audrey Monroe (yes, named after Jacqueline, Audrey and Marilyn) – almost a month and half early. Yes, I had her at 35 weeks. Weighing 4lbs 12oz when we left the hospital we were beyond blessed to spend no time in the NICU and leave with our baby girl.

However, when I got home it hit me how precious and dainty Kennadi really was. I don’t know if it was the anxiety of having a preemie and taking care of such a tiny little one or if I was just overwhelmed by the fact that she was so little. I went into serious post partum panic. I don’t know if it was quite depression, but I remember reaching out briefly on Twitter because I was having such an out of body experience of panic and it was awful, so so awful.

There was absolutely no reason for my anxiety. She wasn’t my first, she was my third. She had no health issues and it wasn’t like I had anything to worry about but for some reason, I just couldn’t control these awful feelings.  I just couldn’t understand why. I felt like I was drowning. My family and husband were beyond supportive but for some reason, I continued to feel like I couldn’t get air.

I thank ONE person for truly taking a second to read my tweet and saving me. Yes, saving me. She made me realize I wasn’t crazy and things would be normal again shortly. So who is this so FABulous little lady I call my “Post Partum Angel” – she is known as @LaStylistMom on Twitter.

It took a complete stranger to  show me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I learned  that many people go through this and she suggested Brooke Shields amazing book “Down Came the Rain” to prove that I was not the only one. This was a person who tweeted me. A person I had never spoke to before. That second when I got her tweet and her number I called her. She dropped everything to help me and she did. I felt so much better just talking about it. And to do this day, I am so blessed to have had someone like her to just tweet into my life. She will always be a special friend in my life.

You would think that after having a miracle baby and going through a rough pregnancy I would be beaming with joy but the week or so after deliver was the roughest time of my life. And let me tell you, I was very thankful for my little cocktail of happy pills to get me through those teary nights.

I wanted to share my experience to let you know that is okay to seek help. Help is good and sometimes what you have to do to make it through another day. Whether it is post-partum or just the stressers of every day life – seeking help and learning on a supportive friend or doctor during a difficult time will make everything so much better.

Read through my tips on how I overcame this awful devil of a problem and how you can to. Always remember, this too shall pass.

  • This Is Normal 1 of 11
    Remind yourself that nothing is wrong with you. It happens to the best of us and you will power through with the love, support and the help that you need.
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  • Chin Up 2 of 11
    Let family + friends help. If you are a control freak like me, you have to tell yourself that is okay to let people in to help you. You need your rest and you can't fight postpartum depression without sleep. You have to take care of YOU! This isn't a time to be strong.
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  • Talk It Out 3 of 11
    Reach out to friends, families or perhaps, a stranger like I did. You won't believe how many Mothers have gone though this. Everyone has had a different experience and there are plenty of places to get help and advice to get you through a difficult time.
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  • Stay Calm 4 of 11
    Remind yourself that nothing is wrong with you. It happens to the best of us and you will power through with the love, support and the help that you need.
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  • It’s Okay to Cry 5 of 11
    Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry. Don't feel guilty. Throw yourself a pity party. This isn't the time to put your big girl pants on. You have to give yourself permission to cry. IT IS OKAY.
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  • Breathe 6 of 11
    Remind yourself to take a deep breathe and relax. YOU CAN DO THIS! Have faith, believe in yourself. You will get through it. If you have to pop a pill to get there, I suggest going for it or pick up some self-help books.
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  • Look at Me 7 of 11
    Have your spouse focus their attention on you. Sometimes you just need some extra love.
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  • You Aren’t Sick 8 of 11
    You must realize this isn't a disorder. In fact, it's considered quite normal. Some researches claim as many as 80% of mom have experienced some form of postpartum depression or baby blues.
    Research from Essortment
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  • Perfectionist? Let It Go 9 of 11
    Being a mother is far from being perfect, it's impossible. You are human and make mistakes. You simply have to accept that no one is and some things are out of your control.
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  • Get Out 10 of 11
    Take a trip to Target solo, or take a spa day to yourself. Maybe even plan a trip with your older children. Whatever it may be, get out of the house and do something fun to take your mind off the blues.
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  • Seek Professional Help 11 of 11
    I wouldn't have been able to get through those few weeks without my team of doctors. And yes, it was over in a few weeks. If self-help is no longer working, keep your doctor in tune with your feelings and seek the professional help you may need to be yourself again. This is not a sign of being a weak; it's a sign your strong enough to get the help you need.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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