How I Spent My Baby-Making Weekend + Why I Know I’m Pregnant

Some people might think I’m crazy for saying this that it’s way too soon to tell but I’m totally pregnant.

What? But your frozen embryo transfer was only three days ago!

Yes, it was. And since then, I’ve experienced every possible successful-implantation indicator. So, I am confident to go on record saying that I am pregnant!

Of course, if for some totally bizarre reason the blood pregnancy test that I’ll take one week from today comes back negative, I will admit that I suffered from the biggest case of wishful thinking ever known to humankind.

In the meantime, check out how my weekend went and learn why I’m so certain that I’m pregnant!

  • Click through to see how my baby-making weekend went… 1 of 11
    Click through to see how my baby-making weekend went...
  • Embryo Transfer (AKA I Got Pregnant) 2 of 11
    Embryo Transfer (AKA I Got Pregnant)
    The procedure itself was easy-peasy just like the two I've had before. The doctor placed a thin catheter into my uterus and slowly released the embryo into me. Like he said, "You're pregnant until proven otherwise," so that's what I'm going with! Not to mention, I have other indications that the transfer was successful.
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  • Acupuncture 3 of 11
    My fertility center has a spa upstairs that specializes in fertility-related treatments, like acupuncture and pregnancy massage. I went right upstairs after the transfer and had an hour-long acupuncture session.
  • Nap, Nap, and Another Nap 4 of 11
    Nap, Nap, and Another Nap
    And then, when I got home, I napped. And napped. And napped. The doc had told me to rest well that day and to not do anything I didn't have to.
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  • Uterine Twitch & Mild Cramping 5 of 11
    Uterine Twitch & Mild Cramping
    The weirdest thing ever happened. Friday night, I awoke to the most unusual feeling in my uterus: twitching. Like eye twitching. Never in my life have I felt this before. It wasn't painful or uncomfortable at all. Just a simple minute of twitching. I like to think it's a sign from the Universe, letting me know my Little One is with me now. Aside from that, I've also had some mild cramping, which the doctor told me I might feel. It's a good sign. There's usually cramping when the embryo implants!
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  • Time With My Mom 6 of 11
    Time With My Mom
    The next day, my mother came to visit. She helped me transfer my house plants into bigger pots, and we enjoyed some mommy-daughter time.
    This photo was taken two years ago; neither of us drank wine this weekend.
  • Eating Pineapple 7 of 11
    Eating Pineapple
    My acupuncturist recommended that I eat 1/5 of a pineapple over the five days following my transfer. She said the core is dense with bromelain, an enzyme that might help with implantation. So, naturally, I've been gobbling it up.
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  • Vaginal Suppositories 8 of 11
    Vaginal Suppositories
    Oh, the vaginal suppositories. I'm squirting (let's just call it what it is, okay?) progesterone into my vagina twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Signed a New Apartment Lease 9 of 11
    Signed a New Apartment Lease
    Of all times, my wife and I are looking for a new place to live and not only did we find a great place, but we secured it this past Sunday! We'll definitely be hiring a moving company...
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  • Laundry 10 of 11
    Laundry doesn't care if you just got knocked up. It's very needy that way.
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  • I Spotted! 11 of 11
    I Spotted!
    My doctor also told me I might spot, and not to worry if I do it's actually another good sign! Implantation bleeding is common, although it's not actually ever bleeding. And, earlier today, I spotted. Now, I just get through the next seven days before my intuition is confirmed with a blood pregnancy test!
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