How I Told My Husband About This Pregnancy

I really wanted to tell Sam about this pregnancy all special-like. Something sweet, something worthy of Pinterest. Something that we would remember forever.

I had all these plans. I’d known since the previous Monday, even before the positive test, that I was pregnant. I was sick, hungry, nauseated while driving, hormonal, everything smelled like it was RIGHTTHEREINMYFACE.

So I was either pregnant or needed to be put down.

Knowing 5 days before my husband gave me a lot of time to ponder how to tell him. With Bella, I’d taken a test on a whim, not even thinking that I was really pregnant. And then upon seeing two lines, I jumped into bed where Sam was completely asleep and shoved the stick in his face screaming, “LOOK! LOOK!”

With the twins, it was a bit of a surprise because of how early the positive test showed up. I had the afternoon to think it over, but was SO nervous that I had Bella just take the (washed off) stick out to him. He looked up in shock and said, “Whoa. That was quick.”

I thought about cracking a tiny hole in an egg, rolling up a piece of paper and giving it to him to open. Then I realized that I am not that talented and more than likely he would be cracking open an egg with a soggy paper inside.

I considered telling him over a candlelight dinner until I realized that we’d have to wait to eat until 8 PM when Bella was asleep, or tell him over her banging on her plate while shrieking that our dog was hovering near the chair.

I’d come up with so many ideas, but none of them were feasible to pull off in the time span of a few hours. He’d heard me say for the last week that I was sure I was pregnant, but I knew he was holding off on any kind of excitement until it was for sure.

After all, it could just be me being dramatic.

I don’t know where he gets that idea about me. 😉

With a head spinning full of thoughts and plans, I heard the door open during lunch and Bella run to greet him. I had no idea he’d be home that early, and resolved to wait and tell him that evening. I told myself sternly that I could have that much restraint. It would be a few more hours.

And then I popped around the refrigerator to the living room and squealed, “I’m pregnant!!!”

All classy and Pinterest worthy — of course.

He got a huge smile on his face like a kid on Christmas morning and said, “Really?! You were right!” Then wrapped me in a hug and we savored that moment of just happiness. No fear. No worries. No sadness. In that moment it was a celebration of a new life and a fierce hope this little one comes home with us in 8 months.

It ended up being blog post worthy and we’ll both always remember it. That’s the best.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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