How Im Preparing to Breastfeed; What Am I Missing? (Please Tell Me!)

Some people make it look so easy. Sigh.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I was a breastfeeding failure with my older daughter. After trying to nurse for two weeks (and doing it in public once), I gave up and proceeded to pump for four miserable months. Never again.

My younger daughter is due to arrive in a few weeks and I’m determined to be successful this time (I think I can. I think I can). As such, I’m preparing now as much as possible.

I have rough list of everything I need, but I’m hopeful that people better at this than I am historically can help me out and tell me what I’m missing? What’s not on this list:


  • Nursing Bras 1 of 10
    Nursing Bras
    I bought two of them and know how to use them (the latter is no small feat, I might add)
  • Bebe Au Lait 2 of 10
    Bebe Au Lait
    To solve the "breastfeeding in public" issue I had last time. I think (hope) this will solve that problem by keeping me comfortably well-hidden.
  • My Brest Friend 3 of 10
    My Brest Friend
    I previously had a Boppy, but I've heard these make it much easier to multi-task, which is one of my compulsions. So, it's sitting next to my bed, waiting to go.
  • Lanolin Ointment 4 of 10
    Lanolin Ointment
    I have about three tubes left over from last time. Do you think it expires after 3 years, or is it still good?
  • Cold Gel Packs 5 of 10
    Cold Gel Packs
    In one of the bins of stuff from my first baby I found some gels that are meant to be refrigerated to soothe sore nipples. Do these really work?
  • Breast Pump Accessories 6 of 10
    Breast Pump Accessories
    Although I'd like to nurse exclusively, I have breast pump accessories on hand (and sterilized) from last time just in case. I plan on renting a pump from the hospital since the pump I used last time was super slow and I just know I won't have the same kind of time to pump as I did three years ago (since the baby I pumped for then is now a very active toddler who demands much time and attention).
  • Lactation Help 7 of 10
    Lactation Help
    I'll be in the hospital for four days after giving birth and have already checked with the maternity staff there about lactation consultations, of which there will be many. They also have a hotline that I can call afterwards, and if necessary, I can go back to the hospital for another consultation if I'm having trouble once I get home.
  • Formula 8 of 10
    I'd like to avoid giving my baby formula, but I remember coming home from the hospital three years ago and my daughter wouldn't feed for something like 5 or 6 hours and we were both crying (her out of hunger, me out of frustration). I'll keep some formula on hand in case of emergency. My first daughter thrived on formula and I'd rather my second one consumes that rather than nothing at all, if necessary.
  • Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle 9 of 10
    Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle
    I've heard these herbal supplements can help with milk supply (although my OB rolled her eyes when I asked her about it and simply said, "Well, they won't hurt you"). Did you find they helped increase your milk supply?
  • What am I missing? What would you add to my list to help me be prepared as possible to breastfeed? 10 of 10
    What am I missing? What would you add to my list to help me be prepared as possible to breastfeed?

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