How NOT To Take A Maternity Portrait: Awkward Pregnancy Pics


Something I am really looking forward to — if we end up getting pregnant again — is that beautiful round belly. I have said this many times before, but I never feel better when pregnant and I have always regretted not getting professional, or even great DIY, maternity photos done. Next time around, I’m for sure going to strike a pose.

The things I’ve learned that make up a great photo include natural light, simplicity and a touch of creativity. While I’m not completely sure what route I’d go with maternity shots — outdoors, nude, candid — one thing is for sure: I will not end up on At least I hope not.

I’m not sure what these couples had in mind when capturing their precious prenatal memories — maybe they were following the advice of professionals or maybe they directed their own shoots but if you want to look back on your photos with pride, do not follow their lead.

Click through for my tips on how NOT to take a maternity portrait:

  • Add “Special Effects” With Photoshop 1 of 11
    Add "Special Effects" With Photoshop
    We know that people love playing with their beloved Photoshop program. By all means use it — to hide a zit or fix your lighting. Please though, please do not add images of grown men to your belly.
    Image: Awkward Family Photos (used with permission)
  • Design Your Own Set 2 of 11
    Design Your Own Set
    "Hey hun, you know what we should do? We should make a fall landscape. You could be in a pumpkin patch with leaves and I'll hang grandma's blanket in the background that will act as greenery. What do you think?"
    Image: valeriebb via Flickr
  • Try to Be Conceptual 3 of 11
    Try to Be Conceptual
    "I thought pregnancy was way farther in our future than this ... how do we translate that on film?"
    Image: Awkward Family Photos (used with permission)
  • Show Us HOW You Got Pregnant 4 of 11
    Show Us HOW You Got Pregnant
    "Mom, dad — where do babies come from?"
    Image: Awkward Family Photos (used with permission)
  • Make It About Your Partner 5 of 11
    Make It About Your Partner
    I'm not sure where to look first — the superimposed head on a body builder or the pregnant belly. Ladies, this photo is about you!
    Image: Awkward Family Photos (used with permission)
  • Show Us How You’re Really Feeling 6 of 11
    Show Us How You're Really Feeling
    Oh those pregnancy symptoms, they take hold at the most inopportune moments. Even if you're constipated, try to hide it in your pregnancy portrait.
    Image: 61509123@N08 via Flickr
  • Use Any Ol’ Prop 7 of 11
    Use Any Ol' Prop
    Using props in maternity photos is common, but try not to mine your garage for that piece de resistance. (Pregnancy is just so TIRING! Sorry, had to go there.)
    Image: Awkward Family Photos (used with permission)
  • Highlight Your Unhealthy Partner 8 of 11
    Highlight Your Unhealthy Partner
    You're pregnant with a baby and he's pregnant with beer. How charming.
    Image: Awkward Family Photos (used with permission)
  • Go Headless 9 of 11
    Go Headless
    Aren't pregnant women supposed to NOT like everyone touching their belly? Also, where's everyone's other hand?
    Image: amiefedora via Flickr
  • Make it About the Boobs 10 of 11
    Make it About the Boobs
    Try to put the focus on the baby bump, not your lady lumps.
    Image: lanbui via Flickr
  • Go Nude For No Reason 11 of 11
    Go Nude For No Reason
    Why is he in work clothes and you're in sweatpants sans top?
    Image: zeev72 via Flickr

:: Will you be getting maternity photos done? DIY or a professional? ::

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