How Tacky! 6 Ways You Should NOT Announce a Pregnancy

I am starting to get a bit discouraged about this whole getting pregnant thing. Well, more specifically staying pregnant — which is our struggle. I am trying not to dwell too much on the cycle after cycle of not the best news so I have been focusing my energy on the more positive things including how we will announce the pregnancy of our last child when that happens.

There are some totally cute ways and it’s even more fun now that there is the whole social media aspect. When I was pregnant with my other children social media wasn’t a huge part of my life, but now with all these ideas all over the internet on fun ways to announce, it has me excited.

With all the ideas and choices also comes with it some of the tackiest and cheesiest ideas too. I totally get that there is this whole ‘to each their own’ thing when it comes to this stuff, but some of the¬†announcements out there are just tacky!

Click through for 6 ways you should never announce you’re pregnant:

  • Make a Public Cheesy Video 1 of 6
    Yes, this is kind of cute & you can see how excited they are, but it's pretty tacky.It feels like they were trying to be the next Rebecca Black made famous by something mega cheesy.
    Wanna see the video? you can!
  • Write it Everywhere 2 of 6
    Who wants to hear that you're pregnant from your underwear? I am hoping that this product was developed only to tell your partner, but who knows. If someone wants to share their new this way, I wouldn't put it past them to show everyone.
    Want one? Really? Get one on: Etsy
  • During Someone Else’s Big Event 3 of 6
    People get all kinds of excited about pregnancy announcements, especially so if it's been highly anticipated. You should never announce you're pregnancy during someone else's big day, like a wedding. It's rude and tacky to take the spotlight off the person being celebrated.
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  • On Facebook 4 of 6
    So, you tell all your close friends and family and then it's time to share it with the (social media) world. It's cute and acceptable to make a photo or a status. What you don't do is create a whole new profile for your not-yet-born baby and send out friend requests. It's totally tacky and weird!
    Photo credit: macguys on Flickr
  • Sending Out Cards 5 of 6
    There are cards for everything, do we really need them for letting people know you've got a baby on the way? Save postage for the baby shower invites, the (cheesy) gender reveal invites and the baby announcement cards.
    Want one? Really? Get one on: Zazzle
  • Make a Huge Scene 6 of 6
    We get it, you're excited and it's an awesome thing to be excited for. There is something about a person who has to act like they are the first and only person to ever make a human. Don't go so over the top and make a huge show, it can backfire and make you look tacky.
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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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