How To Announce Your Pregnancy To Infertile Friends

I'm pregnant announcement This morning I received an email from a friend telling me she was pregnant. It was a thoughtful message expressing her worry of announcing the news to me in a sensitive way and some words of admiration and comfort. Honestly, it was the perfect example of how to announce your pregnancy to a fried or family member who is infertile. Personal, sensitive and caring.

When it comes time to announce your own pregnancy, you may be worried on how to approach it with infertile couples that you are close to. Here are some suggestions of how best to relay the news. 

1. Reach out to them personally through a phone call, email or face to face. This shows that you are sensitive to their condition and think highly enough of them to respectfully take your time to let them know.

2. Going along with that, unless you don’t know of their condition or are just barely acquaintances, make sure they know before you do a large scale announcement via Facebook, Twitter or text message.

3. Express that you are thinking of them. Don’t show pity, show understanding.

4. Don’t be offended if their initial reaction is not pure joy. Every time an infertile person hears another person announce their pregnancy, it reminds them of what they so desperately want and don’t have. That is why it hurts a little, not because they’re not happy for you.

5. Don’t say anything along the lines of, “I can’t believe how fast it happened!” or “Now you just need to get pregnant so our babies are close in age!” Just express that you’re happy about the pregnancy and hope the best for their future as well.

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