How To Annoy A Pregnant Woman Using Social Media

I love social media, I mean really really love and am borderline obsessed with it.  I love being able to connect with my friends, make new ones, and get quick answers to questions from trusted sources (friends, fans, and followers).

Social media is especially fun in pregnancy when I can share belly pictures, exciting news, and keep people updated on how things are going with the pregnancy.  HOWEVER, as I get towards the end of this pregnancy there are certain habits that kind, caring, wonderful friends tend to do that really kind of gets on my freaking nerves…

The “Have you had the baby yet?” tweets and facebook wall posts make me CRAZY! There is nobody on this Earth who is more curious about when this baby will get here than ME.  I promise.  If you want to know whether the baby is here or not, just check my twitter stream for crying out loud.  I’m tweeting and posting instagram pictures of my breakfast….think I forgot to announce that I managed to squeeze a baby out a few hours/days ago???

My due date isn’t until September 19th and even then–don’t ask.  I promise to blow-up the entire internet with pictures of my sweet baby AS SOON AS he makes his appearance, probably within the first few hours of his life (definitely before we even leave the birth center).  I promise not to pull a TomKat if you promise not to bug me about when the baby will be here.

To well-meaning curious people: Just use your stellar sleuthing skills to find out whether or not the baby has surfaced.

To my fellow preggos: Here’s a nice site to send to inquiring people on the internet

Disclaimer: I’m not normally this grumpy, I’m just 37 weeks pregnant and irritable despite trying not to be so.  I didn’t write this post to chastise or cause emotional distress to anyone who has kindly asked me “where’s the baby?” online (trust me, I get it…I want to know too), my only goal is to vent and educate people on something that might also be annoying to other pregnant people as well.  We are quite the hormonal bunch and this might serve as a warning to setting one of us off.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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